The Last Point in GAZIRAY Project

The last point reached in the gaziray project
The last point reached in the gaziray project

The digital and technological service network launched by Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality in order to ensure that the Gazi city has an infrastructure in line with the requirements of the age was introduced at the press conference called “Transportation and Citizen-Oriented Smart Cities Applications” with the participation of Metropolitan Mayor Fatma Şahin.

In order to act in accordance with the conditions of the changing and transforming world, the Metropolitan Municipality, which focuses on human-centered projects, kazan“Transportation and Citizen-Oriented Smart Cities Applications” press launch meeting was held to promote the digital and technological studies launched. A series of presentations were made at the launch held at the Metropolitan Conference Hall. Information was given about the last point reached in the GAZİRAY project, which will greatly reduce the problems faced by Gaziantep in transportation. The road works between 2014-2020 were detailed. It was mentioned how the Smart Taxi application, the planning of which was completed, would be integrated into mobile applications. In the epidemic, the importance of the mask and disinfectant service and the fever meter application, which is offered in urban travel with citizens, was shed light on. The benefits created by the Gaziantep Communication Coordination Center (GIKOM), which was created to ease the coordination between citizens and the metropolitan city, were mentioned, and information flow was provided about the functioning process of GIKOM. With the Safe Parking System application, it has been announced that the city can intervene in a short time in case of missing children or in adverse situations that may occur in various parking areas of the city. The Beautify My City application was introduced in order to improve the deficiencies in the city quickly and in line with the demands through the service offered to the citizens. Based on the slogan "Gaziantep is Reading", the digital library created by the metropolitan city, which has taken its place in mobile markets, with more than 200 thousand books and 450 publishing houses, was under the spotlight. On the other hand, it was stated that the button was pressed for the new WEB site of the Metropolitan Municipality, whose works will be completed in a short time and will have an appearance suitable for the requirements of the changing world, and a WEB site has been prepared with a suitable appearance for TEKNOFEST to be held in the city in the upcoming dates.


Mayor of Metropolitan Municipality Fatma Şahin, stating that the launching of the Metropolitan Municipality in order to explain the things done and not done about the city is high, said, “We continue our efforts to fill the smart city. Of course, when we work very fast, we have a shortcoming to not explain enough. The city lives very fast. The period has serious difficulties. Our problem is of course, but we need to increase our problem-solving capacity. We must increase the quality of life of the citizen. We have two main streams. The first is water. During the pandemic process, we made a serious billboard work for our people to touch the water and soap. Kartalkaya is full now. Düzbağ is over. We are part of a team that brought better quality and cheaper water from 130 kilometers away. The Düzbağ project is very important because the water shortage of the city is not solved, causing the loss of value of other works. The transportation title is also our second important title. The transportation issue of this city will continue to be the most important agenda in every period. Because we get immigration. As long as we migrate, we must make very serious investments in transportation. Significant investments were made in this area last period. I would like to thank President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan and our related ministries who supported us in this process. We went door to door with our general secretary every ten days. We need to follow up to expand our work and to better touch the citizen. The first period in the municipality is the dressing period. The main big jobs start in the 2nd term. Asım Güzelbey delivered GAZİRAY to us, he said, "We couldn't do this job, it is really important for the city." At that time, when I was Minister of Transportation of Binali Yıldırım, we went to visit with all our deputies. We made a great effort to start the GAZİRAY project as soon as possible. It has been 6 years since we are at the last point. Big things take time. The smallest disruption in transportation causes serious problems. Therefore, housing and transportation should be among the most important topics in municipalities. When we look at the city in general, our work on education and school will continue at full speed. As you can see, even though we don't explain enough, the kitchen part is very sweaty. ”


Noting that digitalization is one of the most important topics after the pandemic, Mayor Şahin said, “The Smart Cities Project we launched about 2 years ago was among the most important topics of the local governments manifesto. In the pandemic, we have seen that food security, supply chain, healthy cities, smart agriculture and digitalization will be the most important issues in the new world order. For this reason, the fact that we use this institutional capacity very well in the pandemic process has brought us to an important level. We increased our capacity to produce projects with Mete Deniz, Head of IT Department. This city is a city where young people are busy. With this new unit, we want to increase both the need for intermediate staff and the potential of trained manpower. Thus, we aim to become a kitchen. Our investments in human capital excite me very much. We can say that the conversion has started if we can get 500 people return in smart transportation. We continue our follow-up in detail within the scope of the works of the National Garden. I hope it will be finished in 1 year. We started at low risk during the pandemic period. Everyone did what he had to do. The new normal quickly adapted to everything in our city. The new normal process, which offered us a new standard of living, made it necessary for us to wear masks and maintain social distance. We have a jam in the center of open spaces, we have an extreme social city, who prefers to do everything together. The biggest problem is changing heads. In order to prevent excuses in every neighborhood I visit, we have managed 15 million mask projects with the Gaziantep Model every 15 days in order not to encounter the answer "I have no mask".


Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality Transportation and Rail Systems Department Head Hasan Kömürcü emphasized that Mayor Fatma Şahin had implemented the projects based on the words "We will plan in the first place and then we will implement them." In order to plan transportation, it is necessary to realize the development plan simultaneously. The subject we started in the first process is very important. Because transportation is a very expensive investment. It is very difficult to return. It is necessary to plan correctly. We were not satisfied with the improvement of the highway alone during the transportation master plan process, and we discussed the issue as a whole. Land use and accessibility topics were very important. The management of new travel requests was also very important. We have worked hard to develop solutions to prevent the increase in transportation demand and to prevent transportation and traffic problems. This was the main point of departure of the transport components in general. It is very difficult to manage the increasing travel demands with their regulations on highways. For this reason, we must strengthen our perspective with solutions such as public transportation, bicycles and pedestrians in order to achieve the demands. In terms of access to the city center, I can say that only the highway index contains a very risky solution understanding in terms of livable and sustainable cities. This process should be managed along with alternative methods. I'm talking about our transport master plan principles. When we see population growth and vehicle ownership together, you can see that Gaziantep is an industrial city and you can see that its population is increasing day by day. It was necessary to carry out precautionary measures. I can say that the number of people working in some cities is more than the existing population. When we look at the number of trips, we had to realize future-oriented projects related to 2030, as we anticipate that our trip will triple today. In the current situation, we see that our classic habits are car parking needs, car-oriented solutions, and freight vehicles. However, instead of this, with the main plan of transportation, it is our basic principle that pedestrians and bicycles together with the disabled are essential.


Stating that the GAZİRAY project is very important in terms of transportation alternatives for the future, Kömürcü said, “As we all know, GAZİRAY was built on an axis of 25 kilometers. It consists of 16 stations. On average, 95 percent of work on open sections has been completed. We started the closed sections as of October. As of the end of 2020, even around September, the work on the affected parts of the traffic will come to an end. In addition, we have produced a very serious number of underpass and overpass projects in order to prevent possible traffic problems in the city. These are very important in the city. kazanI have had. We knew that during the construction phase of the GAZİRAY process, we would seriously change some habits of the citizens. We will be able to create problems for some of them. For this, we held a preliminary information meeting. This information was very important. We had to manage the process correctly. The metro line cannot be thought of independently from GAZİRAY. In Gaziantep, starting directly from the Station Square and then extending to the National Garden, in order to minimize the expropriation, without deviating from the main corridor and taking into account the underground situation, minus 22 meters at some points, passing minus 53 at our highest depth, Düztepe, and our city. very important for kazanIt will end in the area of ​​the city hospital, which will be IM. If we cannot implement the Metro project, it will be very difficult for us to manage the traffic of the city hospital. Therefore, Metro is very valuable for Gaziantep. In addition, we have completed our studies for a technological infrastructure that allows our citizens to see where the taxi is, determine when it will arrive, know how much to pay, and easily observe the route to go, without pressing the call button, without pressing the call button. I hope we will implement these works as soon as possible. We had friends in our municipality who put a lot of effort into the pandemic. In a really risky period, we continued all our activities without interrupting any work. In terms of infrastructure, we had to turn the pandemic period into an advantage. Life in the city is stagnant kazanhad been. Some places were closed. During the pandemic period, we offered mask and disinfectant products for the health of passengers. In addition, we continued our service with our work in the name of early diagnosis with thermometers. We continued the processes in a one-on-one planned manner. Public transport use fell from 13 million to 2 million. There were streets in the city center where the citizens could not tolerate even small works. We quickly made radical improvements in the pandemic. We completed our shift in the city center in a very short time. In addition to this, we have started work on the arrangement of the old structures at the Cemetery Junction, and we plan to end our shift in the region by 25 August.”


Mete Deniz, the Head of IT Department of Metropolitan Municipality, stated that they recently commissioned all 4 applications and said, “GİKOM is at the beginning of our citizen-oriented practice. In the pandemic process, GİKOM established a very integrated system with the governorships, district governorship foundations and organizations. Our aim was to prevent duplication in terms of distribution and aid. We have created a serious knowledge base. We have created a structure that can distribute food aid homogeneously to the city. We prevented 95% repetition and continue to improve the system. We followed this city instantaneously, where we helped, we continued in a serious sense, especially under the coordination of GASMEK. Our call center Turkey's one of our best. Our service level does not fall below 95 percent. Citizen's waiting time is an average of 4 seconds. We made 1 million 413 thousand minutes of welcome in the operator data that came in April, which is the most intense period of pandemic. This means meeting all of the incoming calls to us. We rank first among the public institutions in this regard and this list includes all the Metropolitan Municipalities. When it is included in banks in total, we are 1th among all institutions. The closest metropolitan municipality met 8 thousand minutes. If a technical information is given here, no less calls were made in all metropolitan cities. But our difference is that we have increased the number of channels very much and we have received all the demands of the city and we have seen the strength of our infrastructure. We reduced all the contact points related to GIKOM to heads. ”


Deniz, who continues to talk about the “Make My City” mobile application, the difference of this application is the memory of your applications. It is an application that you can follow the latest status of your complaints, at which stage, in which unit, whether it is closed positively and negatively. We have published in both android and iOS application markets. You can specify the location and take a picture and upload it. We made the digital library and launched its mobile application. An application where we can access 20 thousand books very quickly and easily. Again, this application is online in the markets, "he said.


Reminiscent of the operation and benefits of the Secure Parking System, Deniz said, “We placed panic buttons. Examples of this application and do not like in Turkey. Here, the citizen can reach the center of this system very quickly. In addition to reaching this center, there is a serious central monitoring system. Here, the whole park is tracked with smart software. Even if a friend in security does not look at these screens, a warning will be sent to the center when any child falls and does not get up for a certain period of time, a fight occurs, there is an abnormal situation or someone leaves a suspicious package. Here, the cameras will also zoom in on the area, and they can receive alerts even if they are not at work, with mobile applications given to our security units. When a child disappears, when the photo is shown, the mobile applications of the security personnel are given the coordinates of the place where that child is attached to the cameras immediately. ”


Finally www.dijital.gaziantep.bel.t is Stating that they have launched a new website, Deniz concluded her words as follows: “TEKNOFEST is on the air with a new face and visual designed in accordance with the spirit of TEKNOFEST. Starting completely from the coming weeks www.gaziantep.bel.t is We will publish it as. Here, it was a website where we can track the events very quickly and also find information about Gaziantep. We will serve with a new visual design. ”

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