Happy 3rd of July Machinists Day

happy july machinists day
happy july machinists day

In our 163-year Turkish railway history, in our railway lines that bring prosperity, abundance and happiness to all corners of our country; Our machinists constitute the most important part of our active personnel, which ensures the rotation of the train wheel in all climatic conditions, 7 hours a day, 24 days a year, without watching holidays.

As TCDD General Directorate of Transportation, which has been operating as the first railway train operator of our country for the last four years, our machinists have the most important responsibility in the safe operation of our trains that provide transportation of thousands of tons of cargo per day, and transport them safely to their destination.
Each of our machinists who fulfill this heavy and demanding task is the cornerstone of the operation of our Company and is very precious.

With the support of our governments since 2003, we have increased the burden and responsibility of our business management hinterland from Edirne to Kars, Samsun to Mersin, Baku-Tbilisi-Kars railway line and China to London.

As management, we want each of our machinists to be the first priority of safety, while supporting each of our machinists with the knowledge and experience on a world scale required by rail transportation, solving their problems and working in better and more beautiful conditions.

With these feelings and thoughts, I congratulate our Machinists on the 3rd of July, Machinist's Day. I send my greetings and love to our retired mechanics. I wish God's mercy to my machinist brothers who passed away to be on duty.

TCDD Tasimacilik AS
General Manager and Chairman of the Board

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