MEB May Shorten Teachers' Permits

write will be able to shorten the permissions of teachers, will m continue
write will be able to shorten the permissions of teachers, will m continue

MEB Could Reduce Teachers' Permission: The law proposal to amend the Higher Education Council Law was accepted by the Assembly. According to the law adopted in the Turkish Grand National Assembly, Universities will continue to provide primary and secondary education education during the summer holidays and the Ministry of National Education will shorten the permissions of the teachers.

Law Amendments Considered in YÖK Law

  • In order to apply to the team of research assistants, it should not exceed 1 years of age as of January 35 of the year of the exam.
  • In January 1, research assistant exams will be held for people who are not over 35 years old.
  • Candidates who will apply to the faculty team of Vocational Schools will be required to have a master's degree with a thesis.
  • At least, a master's degree with thesis will be required for Vocational Schools' teaching staff applications.
  • Foundation higher education institutions are among the students studying at each graduate certificate program at associate, undergraduate, graduate and doctorate levels with thesis; At least 15 percent of the students with the highest central placement score of the relevant program will be obliged to teach them free of charge during the program's collection period. These students will not be charged any fees associated with their education and teaching processes.
  • The objection against the warnings and reprimands given by the Rector will be made to the university disciplinary board. The formation and management of the disciplinary boards to which appeals against warning and reprimand disciplinary penalties will be redefined.
  • Teachers will be on a 2-month leave during the summer holiday, but they will be obliged to participate in the work related to the profession, which will be determined in the regulation during the remaining holiday periods without this 2-month leave.
  • If the education programs to be implemented in the district, province or country, due to epidemics, organic disasters, unfavorable weather conditions that affect the general life cannot be completed for more than 2 weeks, the Ministry of National Education, due to the education and training activities to be carried out during the summer holidays, teachers' permissions can be shortened. In this case, teachers' permissions will not be less than a month.

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