Process is Accelerated in the Short Work Allowance

Process is speeding up in a short work allowance
Process is speeding up in a short work allowance

Family, Labor and Social Services Minister Zehra Emerald Selcuk, Turkey including economic measures against the epidemic coronavirus thought to the Grand National Assembly was an important statement about the law proposal.

Reminding that the issues in the law proposal are closely related to working life, Minister Selçuk announced that the Short Work Allowance will be concluded faster to support workers and employers in the fight against coronavirus. In the Selçuk Short Work Allowance, the Minister stressed that the payments will be made without waiting for the completion of the determination of conformity in order to perform the transactions quickly. “In order to make Short Work payments quickly, we will not wait for the completion of the eligibility determination and we will make payments in accordance with the declaration of our employers.” said.

We Secured Employment

Expressing that they put the members under guarantee with this law proposal, Minister Selçuk said that any kind of employment or service contract cannot be terminated for 3 months. Emphasizing that the employer who terminates the employment contract will be punished accordingly, Selçuk said, “Employment or service contracts will not be terminated during the 3-month period, except in cases of non-compliance. If so, we will impose an administrative fine for each worker at the gross minimum wage amount on the date of termination. ” used expressions.

To be Covered by Cash Fee Support and GSS Unemployment Insurance

Minister Selçuk, who also made a statement about the Short Work Allowance and Cash Fee Support, said:

“We provide monthly income support of 15 TL to our workers who are entitled to unpaid leave and who cannot benefit from the Short-Term Work Allowance and to the workers whose employment contract is terminated after 1.177 March, when they are on unpaid leave or are unemployed. I would also like to give this to our workers a good news. Our employees who benefit from cash compensation will be considered as General Health Insured and insurance premiums will be covered by the Unemployment Fund. Thus, they and the family members they depend on will benefit from health services. ”

No Income Requirement Will Be Required In Maintenance Services

Minister Selçuk also stated that due to the new type of coronavirus epidemic, the income criterion and severe disability condition for the elderly and disabled people who need institutional care has been temporarily lifted for 3 months.

Reminding that the expenses of disabled or elderly people in need of care, regardless of the income and disability rate, are covered by the state at 438 official care centers; “In the process we are in, we will pay the fees of the elderly and disabled people who need institutional care in private nursing homes and disabled care centers regardless of income status and disability rate.” said. Selçuk also stated that the law article covers a period of three months and that the President has the power to extend the law article up to 1 year.



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