Hayat Eve Sığar Application is Published ..! Learn Your Coronavirus Risk Map

Find out your risk map of coronavirus with home-life application published
Find out your risk map of coronavirus with home-life application published

The Ministry of Health launched the Hayat Eve Sığar application to monitor patients and prevent the spread of the virus. It was announced by the Minister of Health Fahrettin Koca that the application of Hayat Eve Sığar was developed. Hayat Eve Sığar application will enable to detect and monitor corona virus cases.


With the Hayat Eve Sığar Application, it is possible to perform an online coronavirus test and to see the coronavirus density in the district where you live.

“With the application of Hayat Eve Sığar, which is offered to citizens by the Ministry of Health, you can get verification with your phone number and answer the questions asked to you step by step, and get guidance according to how you should behave according to your complaints in terms of coronavirus disease. According to the answers you have given, the referrals are only suggestions and do not contain a final result / certainty, they are only recommendations.

At the same time, you can easily reach the basic need points such as hospitals, pharmacies, market chains, metro and stops on the map, and see the density of at-home isolation, infected people and risky areas.

By adding relatives that you are curious about and want to follow, you can see their location information, track and see their risk status according to the region they are in, if the relevant person installs this application and gives approval via the application.

Hayat Eve Sığar for Android app CLICK HERE

Hayat Eve Sığar for iOS application CLICK HERE


When the location services are allowed in the application, it will give warning when risky areas where the epidemic is intense and the areas that should not be approached instantly on the map. In addition to all these, it is possible to see the current number of cases across the country announced by the Ministry of Health.


At the press conference, Minister of Health explained the application with the following words: In order to follow our cases, we conducted a study to see their isolation. A table in collaboration with three operators and BTK (Information and Communication Technologies Authority). It will be activated in the next 1-2 days. An app has been developed, our patients have to download it.

We are transitioning to a system where they can both monitor and see their own situation instantly. I am talking about a system that alerts him with a message when he sees mobility, reminds him to be isolated at home, and that if necessary, the security forces will step in. Our Communication Department will also make statements in the next few days.


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