What Should Heart Patients Do Against Coronavirus? Here are 12 Suggestions

What to do against heart patients coronavirus suggestion
What to do against heart patients coronavirus suggestion

Specialists underlined that early diagnosis in heart patients is of special importance and said, "Heart patients should talk to their physicians without delay in case of infection related to heart or fever, weakness, dry cough, sore throat and shortness of breath during their stay". .

The new coronavirus (Covid -19) has influenced every sphere of life on a global scale. Data from countries where the disease first appeared; shows that coronavirus over 65 years of age and especially hypertension and heart patients are more affected. "This is explained by the coronavirus primarily holding the heart with the lung and the weak immune system in this group of patients," Acıbadem said. Kadıköy Hospital Cardiology Specialist “The new coronavirus causes pneumonia (pneumonia) in the vast majority of patients, but also causes heart damage in 12 percent. If underlying heart failure, coronary artery disease (previous heart attacks, stent or by-pass interventions) and significant rhythm disorder are present, the need for intensive care and death risk increases in these patients. Therefore, protecting cardiac patients from the new coronavirus is of special importance. ”

Bitter almond Kadıköy Hospital Cardiology Specialist Lecturer Selçuk Görmez emphasizes that early diagnosis is of special importance in cardiac patients, and “Heart patients should talk to their physicians without losing time in case of heart-related or infection complaints such as fever, weakness, dry cough, sore throat and shortness of breath during their stay” .

Don't Stop Your Medication Treatment

Cardiology Specialist Dr. Lecturer Selçuk Görmez noted that it is vital for all patients with heart and hypertension to continue their medication and to consult their physicians whenever they are concerned about the importance of ACE inhibitors and ARB group hypertension drugs, which are brought to the agenda because the virus increases the level of ACE2, which is the entrance door to the cell. Underlines that there is no scientific evidence to support claims that it may increase its contagiousness or severity. Faculty Member Selçuk Görmez continues his words as follows: “World hypertension and cardiology associations made a statement that these drugs should not be stopped. However, it should be kept in mind that these suggestions may change as new findings emerge every day and our patients should get information from their physicians whenever they need to. ”

Cardiology Specialist Dr. Lecturer Selçuk Görmez warned that patients who are using blood thinning warfarin active drug should be monitored every 3-4 weeks and that they do not neglect to take INR tests (measuring the blood clotting process) and share the results with their physicians. He states that blood tests can be done at home through his teams.

12 Suggestions Against Coronavirus!

Cardiology Specialist Dr. Faculty Member Selçuk Görmez lists the precautions that heart patients should take in coronavirus (Covid -19) pandemic as follows:

  • Do not go out of the house unless it is mandatory
  • Always wear a mask when you have to go out
  • Stay away from crowded environments
  • Do not compromise on social isolation, that is, 3-4 steps away from people around you.
  • Pay attention to hand hygiene. Wash your hands frequently for 20 seconds as recommended by experts
  • Do not touch your eyes, mouth and nose with your hands
  • Do not share personal items such as towels
  • Ventilate your environment frequently
  • Eat a healthy and balanced diet to strengthen your immune system
  • Do not neglect adequate and quality sleep
  • Drink plenty of fluids. Drinking 30 ml of water per kilo is vital
  • Do light physical exercise at home regularly, 5 days a week for half an hour.

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