Disinfection Works Increasingly Continues in Konya

Disinfection studies in Konya continue increasingly.
Disinfection studies in Konya continue increasingly.

Konya Metropolitan Municipality continues disinfection studies in 31 districts for the purpose of protection from the new type of coronavirus epidemic.

Konya Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Uğur İbrahim Altay stated that 50 teams continue to disinfect with the staff of 110 for the health of Konya every day, in areas used by citizens within the scope of Disinfection Action Plan, in public transportation vehicles such as tram and bus, in pharmacies, 112 call centers, hospital emergency services. He said that they continue disinfection processes in public buildings without disruption.

Mainly, Ministry of Health ambulances; Noting that they disinfect the police, gendarmerie, public service vehicles, and private minibuses, commercial taxis and personnel services of the private sector at the Metropolitan Municipality Disinfection Coordination Center, Mayor Altay made 225 thousand 500 masks produced by KOMEK teachers and employees free of charge in public transportation vehicles. stressed that they distribute and continue distribution.

Noting that the state will continue to implement strong measures against the virus as municipalities, and that they will overcome this difficult process as soon as possible, President Altay asked the citizens to continue to contribute to this process by following the rules of protection and staying at home as much as possible.


Konya Metropolitan Municipality, within the scope of disinfection works; It continues daily disinfection of 7 bus movement centers in Konya center, 498 buses and 72 trams, 28 movement centers serving in 28 districts and 148 buses.

In the Disinfection Coordination Center, 550 official service vehicles, ambulances, military vehicles, police vehicles, line minibuses, commercial taxis and personnel services have been disinfected so far. 995 mosques in the city center, 28 mosques in 496 district centers, 500 pharmacies, 76 112 emergency call centers, 8 public hospital entrances and emergencies were disinfected.

Disinfection was carried out in 165 schools affiliated to National Education in centers in which educational activities were carried out in the center of Konya, 92 Koran courses, 25 dormitories, 28 association buildings and 418 district centers.

Konya Metropolitan Municipality, which has disinfected a total of 7 thousand buildings until today, has used 4 liters of disinfectant in these studies.

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