Breath Credit Support to Members of Manisa Commodity Exchange

Breathing credit support for members of manisa commodity exchange
Breathing credit support for members of manisa commodity exchange

📩 26/03/2022 00:00

Turkey Union of Chambers and Commodity Exchanges (TOBB); In order to minimize the impact of the coronavirus epidemic on the economy this time, it has been realized 6 times in the SME financing project, known as the "TOBB Breath Loan", which has been carried out 7 times in the past years in order to facilitate access to investment and production financing and to bring markets to life. launched with. Signatures for TOBB Breath Credits 2020, which will be realized under the leadership of TOBB, with the contributions of Chambers and Commodity Exchanges, were signed by TOBB President M. Rifat Hisarcıklıoğlu and Denizbank General Manager Hakan Ateş.

The project, which previously constituted an important financial resource for SMEs that are members of Chambers and Commodity Exchanges under the TOBB, is expected to reach a loan volume of TL 2020 billion. TOBB Breath Loan 6,25 will be the intermediary of Denizbank as a project partner, and the Credit Guarantee Fund (KGF) will vouch for the loans with the support of the Treasury. Public Banks will be included in the Project two weeks later.

In Manisa Commodity Exchange; Putting his hand under the stone, as in previous Breath Loan Projects, TOBB Breath Loan by transferring 1.500.000 Turkish Liras to the small and medium-sized Business Status Members, in order to contribute to the financing of the financing they may need to continue their activities in their commercial cycles stagnating due to outbreak measures. It was included in the 2020 Project.

Regarding the project and the support of the Manisa Commodity Exchange, Manisa Commodity Exchange Chairman Sadık Özkasap stated the following in his statement: “As is known; Access to financing under favorable conditions in the business cycle and investments is one of the most important needs of our SME Enterprises in their operating processes. It is also among the general difficulties that our businesses have to meet these needs from the financial market with high interest rates. But; With its fertile lands and entrepreneurship, Manisa needs to continue its production activities with high diversity and quality. Currently, we are experiencing an unprecedented period due to the coronavirus epidemic. Both health measures and support adopted by the State in the economy while following every moment on behalf of the Business, on measures and supports need to be Turkey Chambers and Stock Exchanges Union (TOBB), also on with the process of struggle both humanitarian and we participate actively in the economic dimension. The TOBB Breath Loan also carries a different importance this time for the production dynamics of our Manisa. Because, by continuing to produce for our Country and Nation with our Members as always, you maintain our determination to support our country's common economic and social struggle to overcome this difficult period.

In this context, as Manisa Commodity Exchange; As in previous Breath Loan Projects, we have decided to transfer TL 2020 to the Project to be used by our SME Status Members by participating in the "TOBB Breath Loan 1.500.000,00 Project". This transfer will be returned to our SMEs as 10 times the amount of funds, ie 15 million Turkish Lira, in accordance with the Protocol with the Banks. We hope that the process we are going through will be left behind as soon as possible with the least vital and economic impact. We would like to thank the TOBB Community, which has assumed the project as a mobilization, and all the Central and Local Units of Denizbank, who said that I am also in this mobilization. We wish the project to be beneficial and beneficial for our SME Status Members, Manisa and our Country ”

Turkey Chambers and Commodity Exchanges of this project also stated that they put their hands under the stone, as well as cooperation with Denizbank Denizbank Manisa Branch Manager Nihan as in the previous breath Credit Project in steel.

Stating that it will be sufficient for the members to come to Denizbank branches after receiving their Membership Certificates from Manisa Commodity Exchange, Çelik said, “The necessary information will be made by our Bank Staff friends. As of April 29, 2020, transactions are starting. We are happy to support the producers in the framework of the conditions of our country and to support our economy. ”


  • This resource determined for our members to use in their credit needs was transferred to Denizbank's Manisa Central Branch. Our SME Status Members will be able to apply as of 2020 with the activity document entitled “TOBB Breath Credits for 29.04.2020 Applications” that they will obtain from our Exchange.
  • In order for more Member Businesses to benefit from the project; Businesses with a 2018 turnover of 3 million (inclusive) TL and below will be able to use a maximum of 50.000-TL, and businesses with a 2018 turnover between 3 million and 25 million (inclusive) will be able to use a maximum of 100.000-TL. The project does not include Businesses with a turnover of over 2018 million 25.
  • The gross interest rate will be 7,50 percent annually.
  • Until the end of 2020, principal and interest payments will not be requested, and repayments will be made in 2021 in 12 equal installments.
  • No tax or SGK debt or additional guarantee will be required in the application.
  • There will be no additional expenses, except for the bank expenses of 50 TL for a loan of 150 thousand lira and 100 TL for 300 thousand lira.
  • According to the legislation, 0,75% commission will be charged for KGF bail.
  • Our Member Enterprises in All Sectors that meet the turnover conditions can apply.

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