Train Ride For Young Students

train journey for little students
train journey for little students

Within the framework of the commemoration events of Battalgazi Municipality on March 12, 99th anniversary of the National Anthem and Mehmet Akif Ersoy, the poet of the National Anthem, Hacı İbrahim Işık Elementary School 1st class students made a train journey with their flags. While our children, who were wrapped in Turkish flags, were enjoying the joy of getting on the train for the first time, the images given by the flags of our nation's sloughs raised the breasts.

Battalgazi Municipality organized a special program with the participation of first year students to celebrate the 12th anniversary of the March 99 National Anthem and to remember our National Poet Mehmet Akif Ersoy. As part of the program organized to explain the first years of the republic and to keep the Republic period alive as well as to instill the love of the flag, the first class students attending Hacı İbrahim Işık Primary School received a train journey.


Within the scope of the organized event, Battalgazi Mayor Osman Güder welcomed the little students brought to Battalgazi Station. Mayor Güder, who is closely interested in the little students, explained the importance of the National Anthem to the children and Mehmet Akif Ersoy. Students moving from Battalgazi Train Station to the Central Garage with Turkish Flags in their hands had a pleasant train journey. The parents of the students thanked the Mayor of Battalgazi Osman Güder for the program and emphasized that it is very important for children to learn about the feast and love of homeland from a younger age.


In the struggle for independence and future, we shared the spirit of national struggle that our ancestors gave without saying that they were women, men, old and children today. we're celebrating. Our little children traveled from Battalgazi to the central garage by train, and we wanted to remind our children today and celebrate today. Our national poet Mehmet Akif expressed his struggle in the struggle for independence and future in terms of expressing the national struggle of our day without the words of women, men, the elderly and children and reflecting it to the present day by Mehmet Akif Ersoy. . In his own words, he said, "Let God not write the independence anthem again." the events that happened to him when he had stated that his ancestors on behalf of one of our more experienced Turkey. The source of inspiration is our spiritual values. Especially, when our Prophet migrated from Mecca to Madinah, Hz. Mehmet Akif, who was inspired by Ebubekir's rush to say 'Don't be afraid, God is with us', wrote our National Anthem that day. It was accepted by the Turkish Grand National Assembly 99 years ago. In order to protect this national struggle, we organized this event today in order to protect and protect our National Anthem, which is the symbol of our independence. In the words of Akif, God should not let those days live on this nation again. ”


Giving his thanks to Battalgazi Municipality Osman Güder for his program, Hacı İbrahim Işık Primary School 1-G Class Class Teacher Nilüfer Zontul Aktaş said, “First of all, we thank the Mayor of Battalgazi Osman Güder for the program organized on this special day. With the event, I am very excited and proud to ignore the spirit of Mehmet Akif Ersoy and to create the awareness of the National Anthem in children. As an educator, I know how important it is to leave these marks in our children's souls. Because they left us a homeland, fighting until the last drop of their blood. We have to convey this consciousness from generation to generation. ” used expressions.

As part of the program, while the little students read 10 continents of the independence anthem by heart, the hearing-impaired students accompanied the little students with sign language.

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