Why train to Diyarbakir is delayed

Why train to Diyarbakir is delayed
Compared to other types of travel (bus, plane) citizens do not stop on the train journey. Passengers attributed this to the fact that the train journey was a much safer, cheaper, comfortable and enjoyable journey.
2003 was an important year for railways. State Economic Enterprises in Turkey's transport policy with the change experienced in the last 8 years been neglected for years railways (SOE) in allowances are given. development be brought into TCDD restructured more effective and efficient organization of TCDD in 2003-2010 years between the introduced high-speed train, the people of Turkey thanks to transferring a total of 10.836 million worth of resources attaining the normal cruising speed of speed of trains by improving the existing railway line advanced railway industry targets have been determined. In this direction, projects were developed and implemented quickly.
While the authorities generally point out that middle and low income people travel by rail, passengers who say why the train to Diyarbakir is delayed say that none of these developments and changes are reflected in Diyarbakır. Why is the train delayed in Diyarbakır, according to the railway officials; They underlined that even the 'Blue Train' was withdrawn from the voyages due to the misuse of the train equipment by those who traveled from Diyarbakır and Batman to the provinces of sunk, especially by tying the children to grind the trains.
Noting that the train journey is a culture, the railway officials stated that the domestic and foreign tourists have traveled by train in the last days, and that Adana flights, which existed 4-5 years ago, will be put back to prevent the low income citizens from being victimized. Railway officials said, “Some of our passengers even dismantle the heating and cooling cables, curtains and sink mirrors on the train. Our trains are stoned after going out of Diyarbakır or entering the border of Diyarbakır. In fact, one of these stones was thrown into the eyes of one of our passengers, causing them to lose their eyes. It caused a passenger's head to break. Therefore, our passenger who lost his eyes has filed a lawsuit against TCDD. "
Gar officials recently added that in 2023 it was the project of the future of high-speed train to Diyarbakır.

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