Imamoglu Describes Measures Against Coronavirus

imamoglu told about the measures against coronaviruse
imamoglu told about the measures against coronaviruse

IMM President Ekrem İmamoğluannounced the measures they have taken against the Coronavirus that ravaged the world, at the departure event of the “Corona Hygiene Fleet: “Cleaning and hygiene activities will be carried out with 100 people in the subways. We assigned 420 personnel to provide cleaning and hygiene in IETT buses. Metrobus stations will be washed and cleaned more frequently. On the central platforms, Bus AS. We have created mobile disinfection teams through our subsidiary. Within our Support Services Directorate, we have installed 44 hand disinfection units in total at 65 metrobus stations, and 2 hand disinfection units at 4 stations on the historical Taksim-Tünel tram line. A total of 18 disinfection personnel will work in the field in 36 vehicles that we have specially prepared. 3 team supervisors who will coordinate the teams will carry out disinfection in the field 7/24. Apart from the closed areas of our municipality, we will start disinfection processes and expand protective measures in all places of worship such as mosques, cemevis, churches and synagogues, which are under the responsibility of the Cultural Heritage Department.

IETT General Directorate organized a “Meeting of Pensioners” at the Eurasia Performance and Art Center in Yenikapı. Approximately 600 IETT retirees, Mayor of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) Ekrem İmamoğluThey met for breakfast with the participation of . Their first speeches at the event, respectively; IETT Retirees Association President Yüksel Öztürk, İETT General Manager Alper Kolukısa and İBB Assembly CHP Group Deputy Chairman Doğan Subaşı made speeches. Taking the microphone after Öztürk, Kolukısa and Subaşı, İmamoğlu reminded that centuries-old institutions are held in high esteem in the world. Saying, “This tradition should be formed in us, too,” İmamoğlu said:


“We must show loyalty to the past. The fact that everyone, who has been serving our institutions for decades, shedding sweat and growing with his contributions - but manager but laborer - sees the value he deserves makes us more noble, more ancient institutions. In that respect, I congratulate our General Manager; he thought of a very nice event. There are some institutions, they are very popular. Why? It does not forget its employees. Retirement does not forget even though she goes anywhere in Turkey. He searches for his illness and asks for it on the day of pain. In fact, we should definitely do this within our institutionalism. This movement that we do allows us to be very peaceful, raise our energy, increase your children and even your grandchildren's respect for this institution, and then we will do a really happy job. ”

Later, he introduced the "CORONAVIRUS TEAM"

İmamoğlu's second event in Yenikapı was “Corona Hygiene Promotion Event”. In his speech, Imamoglu introduced the mobile hygiene fleet, as the IMM, which will serve to prevent all kinds of viruses, including the Corona virus, which has recently taken the world by storm. Stating that the Corona virus is also considered as a serious threat by the World Health Organization, İmamoğlu said, “As IMM, we have started to take various measures and prepare our teams for the Coronavirus epidemic especially in the last few weeks. From the moment coronavirus cases began to emerge, our Health Department put the issue on the agenda with great sensitivity. We started to follow the statements of the Ministry of Health Science Board instantly, to understand, prepare and manage the process in consultation with the Istanbul Governor's Board of Istanbul Chamber of Physicians and the relevant academics. Depending on the developments, I have given instructions to carry out health services in various centers within the scope of preventive, preventive and curative health services within our Health Department, Health and Hygiene Directorate. ”


İmamoğlu stated that they have prepared an action plan within our municipality in order to take precautions within the scope of preventive health services and to ensure the continuity of these measures, especially in public transportation vehicles and closed areas, and said the works to be carried out with the following words: : Firstly, we do rough cleaning. We clean the seats and floor every day with detergent. Then we carry out detailed cleaning operations. Once a week, all surfaces are cleaned with suitable detergents. And finally, once a month we clean all parts with detergent including ventilation filters and pipes. In IETT buses, we assigned 100 personnel as cleaning and hygiene. Our buses are cleaned daily by applying detergent inside and outside. Similarly, we started to wash and clean the Metrobus stations more frequently. Detailed maintenance cleaning work is carried out on average once every three months. This study carefully includes cleaning and disinfection of all surfaces with detergent. In addition to these, in the public transportation services in the central platforms, Bus Inc. We have created mobile disinfection teams through our subsidiary. ”


“Within the scope of our Support Services Directorate, we have placed 44 hand-held disinfection units in 65 metrobus stations, and 2 stations in the Taksim-Tunel historical tram line. We begin intensive cleaning and hygiene practices in our closed areas with a population of 4 thousand square meters, such as cultural centers with dense population, main service buildings, ISMEK education units, Public Relations Directorate contact points, libraries, and Hospice buildings. Today you see 700 specially dressed vehicles and 18 officers. A total of 18 disinfection personnel and 18 team officers who will coordinate the teams will perform disinfection on the field 36/3 in these 7 vehicles we have specially prepared. Apart from the closed areas of our municipality, we will start disinfection and spread protective measures in all places of worship such as mosques, cemevi, churches and synagogues, which are under the responsibility of the Cultural Heritage Department. ”


Stating that due to the coronavirus epidemic, various sectors, especially the tourism and transportation sectors, and the economies of the country have started to be affected negatively, İmamoğlu said: “This virus and the epidemic revealed the meaninglessness of the efforts of politicians who want to build high walls to the borders in today's world. This virus neither listens to the limit nor the wall. But the precaution that each of us will take is more important. Personal hygiene and personal precaution at first. Often we should wash our hands with soap and plenty of water. We must carry and use cologne or disinfectant with us. We should shake less and kiss less. In fact, we should never kiss for a while. When we encounter any febrile illness, we should rest as much as possible in cases of fatigue and weakness. In the face of this epidemic, especially our citizens over a certain age constitute the most risky and vulnerable group. It is very important for our elders to comply with personal hygiene and protection measures and to take care of themselves. ”

“We must approach with seriousness”

“Not by saying that nothing will happen to us, we are fighting this struggle. kazanImamoglu said, "However, if every concerned, every public official approaches this seriously, if every citizen takes their own precautions and applies them seriously, our country and our beloved Istanbul will come out of this struggle unscathed. In our country, we have not received any threatening information yet. I hope it never arrives. Let's all be cautious in this sense. May Allah protect both our Istanbul, Turkey and all humanity”.

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