Free Transportation to Pharmacists in Denizli

free transportation to pharmacists at sea
free transportation to pharmacists at sea

Denizli Metropolitan Municipality, which makes municipal buses free of charge for health workers who struggle day and night against the corona virus, brought the same convenience to pharmacists and pharmacist employees.

Continuing to take action against the corona virus spreading all over the world after its emergence in Wuhan, China, Denizli Metropolitan Municipality continues its support for the health sector, which has been working hard to combat the virus. In this context, Denizli Metropolitan Municipality, which offered city buses to all healthcare workers for free, brought the same convenience to pharmacists and pharmacists. Accordingly, pharmacists and staff working in the pharmacy will be able to benefit from the Denizli Metropolitan Municipality buses free of charge on Wednesday, March 25, 2020, with the identities of the Denizli Chamber of Pharmacists.

“Message of unity and togetherness”

Denizli Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Osman Zolan stated that, as the Metropolitan Municipality, they continue to take all the precautions for the health and peace of the citizens. Expressing that in this sensitive process, the entire healthcare industry continues its duties with devotion and sacrifice, President Osman Zolan said, “We also include our brothers working in pharmacies and pharmacies by expanding our free city bus application we offer to our healthcare professionals. "If we are in unity and solidarity, we hope to overcome this epidemic as soon as possible."

“Stay home Denizli”

Stating that they continue to take the necessary measures with all the institutions of the state, President Zolan advised his citizens not to go out unless it is compulsory. Emphasizing that the rules set for protection against the virus must be strictly followed, President Osman Zolan said, “Let's pay attention to cleanliness, hygiene and distance rules.”

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