Coronavirus Test Will Be Released In 15 Minutes

coronavirus test will be released in minutes
coronavirus test will be released in minutes

The Ministry of Health is increasing measures against the New Coronary virus epidemic, which is effective worldwide and causes the death of thousands of people. The ministry has now started to apply diagnostic kits that can yield results in as little as 15 minutes.

The Ministry increased the number of tests with the recommendation of the Scientific Board in order to prevent the spread of the virus.

Now, in the new coronavirus diagnosis, a rapid diagnostic kit that can give results in 60 minutes will be used, as well as the local diagnostic kit that allows comprehensive results in 90-15 minutes.

Minister Koca had explained

Health Minister Fahrettin husband in Parliament, the kit has been developed to recognize antigens that Turkey now generally results in increased speed of movement of the explanation that the Ministry decided to be distributed to all provinces.

The diagnostic kit, which can provide results for 15 minutes, was provided and presented at the Virology Laboratory of the General Directorate of Public Health.

Microbiology Specialist Yasemin Coşkun stated that a swab sample taken from the mouth or nasal mucosa was examined in the rapid diagnostic kit, as in the domestic diagnostic kit, in order to ensure isolation by testing more people.

Coşkun pointed out that the test, which is easy and fast to use, especially in the emergency departments, can be widely applied and its reliability is high.

Coşkun later explained how to use the rapid diagnostic kit practically.

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