The Name of Bursaray Demirtaşpaşa Station is Changing

bursaray demirtaspasa station name is changing
bursaray demirtaspasa station name is changing

Bursaray 2002When the stations are in service, the names of the stations Greater City Council It was determined by the decision.

In that period, as in all the cities of the world, the establishment of stops with the name of the district was adopted.

But later, the necessity of changing the names of some stations came up. Some of these took place at different times.

Some districts stated that they do not have their own names and asked for additional names to be added to the station names. Many of these were accepted by parliament's decision.

Metropolitan City Councilat March session Bursaray Changing the name of one of the stations was on the agenda.

Department of Transportation, BursaRay located on the line Demirtaşpaşa Station the name Carsibasi Station requested to be changed to.

Teklif Metropolitan City Council'In Transportation Commissionwas transferred to.

If the commission adopts the proposed proposal and reports its report in this direction, the file will come back to parliament and the change will be approved.

We think that the right choice has been made due to its proximity to the bazaar. Although the neighborhood name seems to be deleted BursarayWe see the connection with the bazaar as a step in the name of providing the stall. (İhsan Aydın /Olay)

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