Çeşme Ulusoy Port Statement by the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure

Ulusoy port explanation to the body from the ministry of transport and infrastructure
Ulusoy port explanation to the body from the ministry of transport and infrastructure

In some media outlets from the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure, statements were made on the facts that did not reflect the fact that the measures for coronavirus were not taken in Çeşme Ulusoy Port and that a staff with positive coronavirus test continued to be employed.

In a statement made by the Ministry; “In the routine tests carried out in Çeşme Ulusoy Port on 16 March 2020, 4 customs officers found high fever and in the controls, the coronavirus was negative in three officers, while it was positive in one officer.

In the meeting held before the district governorship, 45 personnel were quarantined, and it was decided to continue port activities on condition that all personnel were replaced.

Within the scope of the measures taken by the Ministry of the Interior, only cargo transportation is carried out on the Ro-Ro line in Çeşme-Trieste (Italy) as well as at the airports and no passengers or drivers are received.

In addition, the ships carry out freight operations at the Trieste Port in Italy with minimal contact. Fountain extended measures taken in the port of arrival of ships and all the controls are carried out in this context Turkey Border and Coastal Health in coordination with the General Directorate.

As a result of these measures, no coronavirus has been encountered in seafarers working on ships so far.

The recommendations prepared by the International Maritime Organization in coordination with the World Health Organization on the subject are also carefully followed and implemented.

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