Transportation Quality Increases in Bursa Countryside

Transportation quality increases in Bursa countryside
Transportation quality increases in Bursa countryside

The Metropolitan Municipality, which addresses infrastructure and transportation as a priority issue in all districts of Bursa and does not make any restrictions in this regard, has also completed the hot asphalt pavement works on the road of 8 thousand 300 meters reaching the rural Alaçam neighborhood of Kestel.

Bursa Metropolitan Municipality continues to make rural neighborhood roads healthier in 17 districts, on the other hand, in order to produce rooted solutions for transportation, which is the most fundamental problem of Bursa, to improve quality in smart junction applications, road extensions and public transportation vehicles. Within the scope of these works, the hot asphalt pavement work of the 8 thousand 300 meters long road, which connects Alaçam District to the main artery in Kestel district, has been completed. The connection of the renewed road to the fields was made more healthy within the scope of the studies.

The roads are shining

Bursa Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Alinur Aktaş, together with the accompanying Kestel Mayor Önder Tanır, made examinations on the renewed Alaçam road. Expressing that the roads connecting the rural and the city centers are healthy, President Recep Tayyip Erdogan is the directive of President Recep Tayyip Erdogan. We want him to continue his life. In this sense, transportation and infrastructure are the most important elements of this business. Our Alaçam neighborhood had such a desire. We have finished working here within the framework of our program. I would especially like to warn our citizens who will use them from the surrounding fields. They should pay attention to the points of entry and exit from the fields, they do not cause any damage to the asphalt. We have made an investment of approximately 8 million 300 thousand TL on this 10 thousand 620 meter axle. I wish the road to be good for Alaçam and Kestel. ”

Kestel Mayor Önder Tanır also visited the region. kazanHe thanked Chairman Aktaş for the road and other investments.

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