A Special Logistics Plan was Prepared for Kemeraltı

Special logistics plan has been prepared for the archway
Special logistics plan has been prepared for the archway

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality prepared a special logistics plan for Kemeraltı Bazaar. Traffic circulation plan will be realized step by step; freight transport and pedestrian mobility will be made healthier.

Kemeraltı, which has the title of the largest open air bazaar in the world, with nearly 15 thousand workplaces from different sectors, hosts thousands of people every day. Vehicle traffic due to loading and unloading works and the flow of goods and services also increases the logistics load of the bazaar.

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality has prepared a Logistics Plan to make the busy traffic in Kemeralti more organized. In the preparation of the Izmir Historic City Center Sustainable Logistics Plan, the current cargo and pedestrian movements of the region and the issues requiring a solution were identified. Load traffic counts were made at 15 points determined, appropriate parking spaces and storage areas were determined. In addition, 30 institutions and organizations were interviewed, information, documents and opinions that could contribute to the plan were received. Surveys including workplace, residence, pedestrian and drivers were also conducted.

Regular pedestrian and vehicle traffic

The Sustainable Logistics Plan of Izmir Historical City Center, prepared at the end of this process, includes a traffic circulation system for the whole area; freight transport routes, freight storage and distribution centers, determines the loading and unloading areas. Suggestions were developed for commercial areas, pedestrian zones, areas open to vehicle traffic, connection and interaction points in 19 sub-regions. A business plan, budget, resources and implementation schedule were also determined for each proposal. In addition, a bicycle path for bicycle service and transportation was planned.

A series of innovations in Çarşı

The plan will be implemented step by step after the implementation of action plans. Pedestrian and vehicle tracks will be made for safe road sharing of pedestrians and vehicles. Two freight transfer centers will be established around the provincial immigration administration (855 Sokak) and Kestelli. This center with a capacity of 10 vehicles will have leasable warehouses. An association or association to be determined from the operation of these places will be held responsible. Parking spaces will be created at three points for tour buses. Waste collection service will be done by electric vehicles.

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