IZUM briefing from Izmir Metropolitan Municipality to Police

Founded by the İzmir Metropolitan Municipality, Turkey's most comprehensive intelligent traffic system, received full marks from the Izmir Police Department. Police Director Hüseyin Aşkın and the city's high-level police officials visited the Izmir Transportation Center and examined the system in full detail. Stating that they are very impressed by the technology they see in İZUM, Hüseyin Aşkın said that the system will facilitate the lives of the people of İzmir and contribute to the traffic and safety of the city. Aşkın expressed that they will further develop their cooperation with İzmir Metropolitan Municipality until today.

The new system, which was implemented by İzmir Metropolitan Municipality with an investment of approximately 65 million TL, which controls and controls all the main arteries of the city for 24 hours and can manage traffic, was introduced to the staff of İzmir Security.
Secretary General of the Metropolitan Municipality Buğra Gökçe, Izmir Transport Center (IZUM) called the heart of the system in the center of the Izmir Police Chief Hüseyin Aşkın, the deputy police chiefs and branch managers were hosted.

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Transportation Department President Kader Sertpoyraz and Traffic Control Branch Manager Mehmet Ali Bodur explained the features of the "Intelligent Traffic System" established for a smart, environmentally friendly and disabled-friendly city transport.
Buğra Gökçe, the Secretary General of the Metropolitan Municipality, said that the system, which includes dozens of features such as smart junctions, traffic monitoring cameras, measurement, monitoring, violation detection systems, speed corridors, will bring great convenience to the life of the people of Izmir and relaxation to the traffic flow. Gökçe also thanked İzmir Police Department for the support provided in the transition to the new traffic order.

We are involved in many projects
Watching the presentation carefully, Izmir Police Director Huseyin Askin said that the technology used was extremely impressive and said:
“The municipality is where the city is entrusted. As İzmir Security, we work together with the Metropolitan Municipality in many projects. We also contribute from this in terms of the safety of our city, better traffic, prevention of traffic accidents and combating all crimes. We were very impressed by the technology we saw at İZUM. We will further develop our cooperation in the future. 16 friends will work in this center. We plan to appoint several of our friends as observers in the coming days. Our negotiations with the General Directorate of Security and the Ministry of Interior continue. ”

Izmir was the example
Expressing that they made great efforts for the security of the city as İzmir Police Department, Aşkın said, “Approximately 11 thousand personnel work day and night. New year celebrations have been held recently. All terrorist organizations intend to take action in many parts of our country. We also took very strict measures. We continued these measures in cooperation with our municipality. Fortunately for our celebrations, tens of thousands of people had fun on the streets, without a single injury. Really exemplary, in strict security measures and cooperation, our people have celebrated New Year's Eve outside. ”

Notable decline in infringements and accidents
Stating that they received great contributions from İzmir Metropolitan Municipality and that İZUM will further increase this contribution, Police Chief Hüseyin Aşkın continued as follows:
“We were very happy to see the capabilities of our system. Really advanced technology was used, great effort was made. Hopefully it will contribute greatly to the safety and traffic of our city. It will make the life of Izmir easier. As soon as the system was announced, there was a big drop in traffic violations and accidents. We will continue these announcements from Police Radio. We thank all those who contributed, especially our Metropolitan Mayor. I believe the system will be very useful. I am sure it will make a great contribution to our beautiful Izmir. ”

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