Turkish and Foreign Bayraklı Ships' Last 10 Port Information will be checked

Hits the end of ships to port information from turkiyede
Hits the end of ships to port information from turkiyede

In maritime transport to do the risk assessment of the health declaration made by the ships coming into port in Turkey expressing Turhan, the ships in this evaluation, harbor anchorage in that Turkey Border and Coast Health General Directorate of control, coastal given by sanitary "ship's certificate indicating whether the problems at the entrance to the country He said that no contact was allowed without being regulated.

vessel arrival notification of ships calling on Turkey to do the port 24 hours before arriving at the port obligation Turhan said they had 48 hours, he said:

"Turkish and foreigners who will enter our country bayraklı The vessels call on the ports of China, Iran, Italy, Germany, Sweden, the Netherlands, France, Spain, Denmark, Norway, Belgium, Thailand, Japan, South Korea, Hong Kong and Singapore in the last 10 ports, or the citizens of these countries in case of detection of the ship contributions in the last 10 days, Border and Coastal Turkey carries out the necessary procedures in coordination with the Directorate General of Health. "

Turhan, with Turkey as of 23:2020 pm on February 17, 00 that stopped all road and rail crossing between Iran and where trade in the transport by road made through Iran to prevent the disruption was also added that they move to Georgia

Expedition permit for vehicles holding D2 and B2 documents

Expressing that disinfection and cleaning operations are carried out on public transportation vehicles such as High Speed ​​Trains (YHT) and Marmaray line, Turhan said, “With the announcement that the schools were vacationed yesterday, there was a passenger density at the bus terminals. In order to prevent our citizens from being victimized, we also allowed vehicles with D2 and B2 certificates to travel. Thus, we will eliminate the density. ” he spoke.

Turhan stated that additional flights are available for Ankara-Istanbul and Istanbul-Ankara High Speed ​​Train services on March 13,14 and 15, “We also put additional wagons on main and regional trains. Thus, we created an additional passenger capacity of 14 thousand 350 in YHT and regional trains. ” said.

Turhan emphasized that they have instructed bus companies and businesses at the stops where buses take a break to take all kinds of precautions.



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