Touristic Eastern Express Welcoming EU Ambassadors Departs

touristic express expressing the eu embassies set off
touristic express expressing the eu embassies set off

EU-Turkey cooperation "on 07.02.2020 for the meeting of Transport and Infrastructure Deputy Minister Ömer Fatih Sayan, Selim Dursun, the Head of the EU Delegation to Christian Berger, the EU and External Relations General Manager Erdem Poles, TCDD Transport Inc. General Manager Kamuran printer, TCDD Deputy Director General İsmail Çağlar, ambassadors of European countries and many officials came together.

Tourist Orient Express prior to the meeting will take place garda speech Transportation and Infrastructure Deputy Minister Ömer Fatih Sayan, in recent days in Turkey and the Turkish nation that tragic accidents and disasters live recalled, "We've lost a number of people have given martyrs. I wish God's mercy to our citizens, whom we are sending off to eternity, and urgent injuries to the wounded. he spoke.

He stated that the Minister of Transport and Infrastructure Cahit Turhan was planned to join this trip, but Turhan's program was changed due to the bitter events.

A nice moment for the trip and have experience of working in Turkey's ambassadors and their wives in the hope Sayan:

“Eastern Express is the Anatolian experience, it is the story of Anatolia. You can see the most refined and lively examples of Turkish cultural life along the line and examine the rich history and rich cultural fabric of our country with this journey. We opened the Touristic Eastern Express Train in May 2019 to meet the intense demand on this line and revive the regional tourism. ”

Explaining that they allow the guests to experience the hidden beauties of the country comfortably by train, Ömer Fatih Sayan stated that the Eastern Express also reveals the beautiful villages and towns spreading to Anatolia like a pearl.

"Our journey, with historical and natural value of our promotion and Turkey believe it will be useful for the evaluation of the EU's relations in the field of transportation." said Sayan, a commitment to full EU membership for Turkey, said target as they continue with determination.

In the transport sector, as in all areas of the EU also voicing attaches great importance to the development of technical cooperation Ömer Fatih Sayan, Turkey's largest trade partner, he said the establishment of quickly and safely functioning transportation system with the EU, the two sides is the benefit.

Pointing out that it is very important to continue with the new railway line projects, Ömer Fatih Sayan said, “In this context, we are connecting the Baku-Tbilisi-Kars Railway Line to Marmaray with a high-speed train line. To be built within the scope of our financial cooperation with the EU Halkalı-Kapıkule Railway Line project will bring this high-speed train line to Europe. ” used expressions.

“Transportation is the area where we are very successful”

EU Delegation to Turkey President Ambassador Christian Berger de transport in cooperation areas between the EU and Turkey in particular expressed that area to be very successful railways, it is at the same time determine the commission's "green deal" context is also important in terms of decarbonization targets, he stressed.

Explaining that approximately 600 kilometers of railroad investments have been made within the framework of the cooperation, Berger continued as follows:

"Halkalı-Kapıkul the railway line, it is the EU's largest infrastructure investments in Turkey. This line will connect Asia to Europe and even extend to Bulgaria. Samsun-Kalın railway line is another important initiative. The issue that we suffer from traffic accidents is road safety. We are working on urban transportation to ensure road safety. ”

Another purpose of this trip in Turkey to see the beauty in both summer and winter. We look forward to exploring the eastern part of Turkey he said.

Sayan, Berger and ambassadors, who also visited the Railway Museum after the speeches, then set out to go to Kars with the Touristic Eastern Express.

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