İzmir Çamlık Steam Locomotive Museum is Flocked by Visitors

izmir camlik steam locomotives banana hitting the visitor akin
izmir camlik steam locomotives banana hitting the visitor akin

Turkey's only museum which is one of Europe's leading locomotive and a steam locomotive museum is located in the village of Selçuk district of İzmir summerhouse flocked to the domestic and foreign tourists.

Çamlık Steam Locomotive Museum in Selcuk district of Izmir attracts attention from local and foreign visitors who want to see the "black train". The museum, which is one of the world's leading in its field, displays 1887 steam locomotives, wagons, cranes, water tanks, water towers and steam snowplow vehicles, the oldest of which are 32 models.

Turkey's only dated one of Europe's leading museums, Izmir's Selçuk district is located in the village of summerhouse. There are 1866 historical locomotives in the open-air museum on the İzmir-Aydın railway, the construction of which was completed in 36. The railroad, whose story goes back to the search of the British to meet the cotton demand due to the American civil war, is now hosting this museum.

In the Çamlık Open Air Locomotive Museum, there are 1887 coal and steam locomotives made of German, English, French, American, Swedish and Czechoslovakian goods produced between 1952 and 36. These include an English-made locomotive powered by wood that only has two in the world. The most striking is the private wagon built in 1926 for Mustafa Kemal Atatürk in Germany. Until 1937, Atatürk used this wagon in many trips across the country. In 1937, for the Aegean maneuvers, he came to the station in Çamlık, formerly Aziziye, and stayed there and managed the maneuvers on the train. In addition to a German locomotive with a weight of 1943 tons made by Hitler, it was built in 85, motorized water pumps, water cender, cranes, locomotive parts and repair materials, many open and closed freight wagons, wagons used for transportation, repair workshop, a toilet dating from 1850. and an old 900 meter long tunnel.

The average speed of locomotives in the museum, which opened in 1991, varies between 20 and 80 kilometers per hour. Turkey's various railway lines in service from 1887 that someone who has made British goods locomotive, one of the oldest, brought to Turkey. This locomotive, capable of speeding 28 kilometers per hour, served in Istanbul Sirkeci Station.

It is stated that there are only two wood among them in the world. kazanTCDD Çamlık Steam Locomotive Museum, where centuries-old land trains, including a steam locomotive, are exhibited, welcomes 15 thousand domestic and foreign tourists a year.

Çamlık Train Station

Summerhouse Train Station and the railway where the museum is located, which is the first in Turkey, a part of the İzmir-Aydın line. This railway was built as 1856 kilometers between İzmir and Aydın with the privilege given to a British company in 130. The line, which took 10 years to complete, was completed in 1866. The story of the railway line is based on the civil war that began in America in 1861. Britain, which bought a large amount of cotton from this country, encouraged cotton cultivation in the Ottoman lands when it could not get it due to the war, and even distributed American cotton seeds to the public. The British, who encouraged cotton production with the permission they received from the Ottoman government, built the Izmir-Aydın railway line to deliver it to the port in Izmir.

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