Support from Dahaoğlu to Alanya Antalya Rail System Project

Support to Alanya Antalya Rail System Project
Support to Alanya Antalya Rail System Project

Erkan Yağcı, the President of the Union of Mediterranean Touristic Hoteliers, proposed to switch to the rail system between Alanya and Antalya so that tourists can leave their hotels and get down to the city centers.

Evaluating Yağcı's proposal, Alanya Tourism Promotion Foundation (ALTAV) Vice President Mehmet Dahaoğlu stated that the rail system should be implemented in terms of technology. Indicating that it is time to build a rail system between Alanya and Antalya, Dahaoğlu said, “Beyond removing the tourist, we have to do this technologically. Now it's time. A public opinion should be created in Alanya and the conversations about how this rail system will serve Alanya in the future should end and the operations should start. Transportation is one of the indispensable items for the tourist. There is Alanya-Gazipaşa Airport. It is getting bigger every year. But we have so much bed capacity. We can only solve this by transportation. After all, people spend a long time on the bus until they get here after landing at Antalya Airport. In fact, the rail system is between Antalya and Alanya and we have to make it more advantageous for us. But I do not agree with the issue of getting tourists out of the hotel with the rail system. Because this is not valid for Alanya region. Alanya is already a city fused with its people with its hotels and hotels. Tourists who prefer Alanya spend their holidays together with the local artisans. We cannot compare Alanya with a Belek region. We do not have any difficulties in transportation anyway. People are visiting and shopping in the city, both from the hotels and the municipality's public transport. ” (Yenialany to)

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