Mersin Transportation in Uzbekistan Transportation
33 Mersin

Mersin Transportation in Uzbekistan Transportation

With Uzbekistan, which has been constantly expanding and expanding its relations with the outside world since the day it declared its independence, the commercial activities of our country have been continuing with very important developments recently. Commercial of two countries [more…]

mesudiye snow festival witnessed many events
52 Army

Mesudiye Snow Festival Performed Many Events

Festivals continue to be organized in Ordu to improve winter sports and winter tourism. In this context, 5th Mesudiye in the Keyfalan-Ulugöl Plateau in Mesudiye district in cooperation with Ordu Metropolitan Municipality, Mesudiye Municipality and Mesudiye District Governorate. [more…]

Due to the half-year holiday, the asti are moving days
06 Ankara

AŞTİ Moving Days Due to Semester Break

Due to the start of the semester break, there are active days in AŞTİ. In AŞTİ, where student density increased, Metropolitan Municipality increased security measures. STUDENT INTENSITY INCREASED Schools' holiday in AŞTİ, run by BUGSAŞ affiliated to Ankara Metropolitan Municipality [more…]

Bursa is counting days for April
16 Bursa

Bursa GUHEM Counts Days for April 23

Bursa Metropolitan Municipality, Bursa Chamber of Commerce and Industry and TÜBİTAK in cooperation with the city. kazanWork continues feverishly at the Gökmen Space and Aviation Training Center (GUHEM), which has been opened and is planned to open on April 23. [more…]