Mersin Transportation in Uzbekistan Transportation

Mersin Transportation in Uzbekistan Transportation
Mersin Transportation in Uzbekistan Transportation

With Uzbekistan, which has been constantly expanding and expanding its relations with the outside world since the day it declared its independence, the commercial activities of our country have been continuing with very important developments recently. As a result of the high level of commercial negotiations and cooperation between the two countries, extremely important steps have been taken in both export and import fields.

Undoubtedly, the biggest reflection of the commercial relations between the two countries has been in the transportation sector. Herewith logistics companies operating in our country is directed to a large part of Turkey and Uzbekistan are performing migrations line with all the requirements in terms of road transport. Mersin Transport is one of the companies that have been carrying out transportation activities on the Uzbekistan line since the first day of these companies and stepping into the sector. Our company operates in our country Shipping companies Uzbekistan It is among the rare organizations offering comprehensive logistics services.

Mersin Transportation, which appeals to a wide range of areas covering all areas such as off-gauge heavy transportation loads, standard freight transportation, container transportation works, frigo flatbed truck transportation and weekly regular departures and partial transportation from Uzbekistan in terms of road transport of Iran, It provides trouble-free and healthy transportation services by using two different routes, namely Georgia, route over Turkmenistan, and route over Azerbaijan. Shipping to Uzbekistan Mersin Nakliyat, which has been continuing its works for many years, continues its works based on quality service on Uzbekistan logistics line with its experience from the past.

Mersin Shipping, which is one of the rare companies with UND membership, transportation authorization certificate, truck carrier and cmr insurance, acting in accordance with the road freight transport regulation, comes to its structure without sacrificing customer satisfaction oriented principles with its high model domestic and foreign license plate vehicles, experienced drivers and successful operation team. It evaluates all the demands and provides sufficient positive responses to all, and provides uninterrupted logistics support services to its customers with appropriate freight and transportation conditions. All requests that come to Uzbekistan in a complete and partial sense are responded immediately, and our staff working on a 7/24 basis are constantly on duty.

News: Mehmet Ali BAL
Source of news: Mersin freight forwarders

Günceleme: 10/05/2020 08:38

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