Mesudiye Snow Festival Performed Many Events

mesudiye snow festival witnessed many events
mesudiye snow festival witnessed many events

Festivals continue to be organized in Ordu to improve winter sports and winter tourism.

In this context, the 5th Mesudiye Snow Festival was organized in the Mesudiye district Keyfalan-Ulugöl Plateau in cooperation with Ordu Metropolitan Municipality, Mesudiye Municipality and Mesudiye District Governorship. In the festival, activities such as canoe, snowboard, beater, sleigh, sleigh were held; the shepherd dog race was held. Afterwards, a march of respect to the martyrs of Sarıkamış was held by the protocol members and citizens participating in the festival. In the snow festival, which was the scene of colorful scenes, halay was performed with music, sausages were cooked by the fire. Everyone from 7 to 70 who attended the festival enjoyed the snow to the fullest.


Expressing that Ordu is a city to live in four seasons, Ordu Metropolitan Mayor Dr. Mehmet Hilmi Güler said, “We continue our festivities in our city with the slogan of Ordu not for 3 months but for 12 months. Our citizens come to Ordu only in summer, collecting nuts. After that, we will live Ordu for four seasons. When we say Çambaşı and Aybastı snow festivals, we are in Mesudiye today. We will introduce the Ulugöl-Keyfalan Plateau along with the other plateaus of Ordu. Our army is a plateau paradise. We will introduce them not only with their greenery but also with their wife. Here we have a canoe with registration cards as a first in Turkey. Together with our hero soldiers and citizens, we had a beautiful and meaningful march for our Sarıkamış martyrs. We wanted to show that the Turkish nation wants to survive in both war and peace. We will experience the beauty of Mesudiye every month. We will provide everything we can here. Your biggest smile is our biggest goal. Our army will become a center of attraction with all its districts. Our Mesudiye will be a rising star with livestock, agriculture and the Mediterranean Black Sea Road. The whole world should see all these beauties. ”

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