Silicon Valley Turkish Delivery Site Invests $ 38 Million to Bring

silicon valley turk delivery site made a million dollar investment
silicon valley turk delivery site made a million dollar investment

A group of foreign entrepreneurs led by Silicon Valley-based venture capital investor Michael Moritz has invested $ 38 million in the Turkish delivery site Getir. Industry and Technology Minister Mustafa Varank visited Getir, who received an R&D Center Certificate from his ministry last year and congratulated the company's success. Bring R & D Center located in the examination of Ministers Varank, "As we stated in our strategy Our goal is to remove Turcorn with a valuation of over billion dollars in Turkey. We are hopeful for the future of Turkey. "he said. Expressing satisfaction with Minister Varank's visit, company founder Nazım Salur said, “We are proud to be the children of this country. We have no complex. ”


Minister Varank, while making evaluations after his visit to the Getir R&D Center, stated that Getir is a technology company, although it seems to be a company that does retail business, saying, “It set out with the aim of raising the orders of its customers in an average of 10 minutes with a very important claim. a firm. There is a great technology behind it. That's why I visit here as a technology company. ”


Stating that he knew about fetch before and that the company came to the agenda with the investment he received from abroad, Varank said, “We announced our 2023 Industry and Technology Strategy. One of the most important items here was the promotion of entrepreneurship. 90 percent of the public supports the rate of entrepreneurship in Turkey. We want this to change and the private sector to invest in emerging startups. ”


Varank, the amounts received from abroad as an investment Brought, stressing that the venture capital funds in Turkey coincided with an annual investment, "Therefore, the private sector, we specify both the policies of the ministry for investing in these things as well as we support these areas with other facilities we can. We describe the private sector with the small risks it carries as well as how big opportunities these jobs bring. We are developing mechanisms to encourage them to entrepreneurship capitalism. Our entrepreneurs should be able to explain themselves better and attract investors to their ideas both at home and abroad. ”


Reminding that R&D and design centers are projects developed during the rule of power, Varank said, “We give companies the R&D center certificate if they make R&D and design within themselves. Thanks to this document, our companies can benefit from incentives such as tax advantages, some insurance premium supports. Here, our friends are employed in this way. ”


Varank, expressed his satisfaction with the visit, "Our goal as we stated in our strategy to remove companies with valuations over billion dollars in Turkey. These are called Unicorn in English. We call them Turcorn. In the upcoming period, we will have a lot of work to do in our initiatives to target Turcorn. Angel investors should be more prominent with venture capitalists and especially the financial sector investor roles. We will make them active stakeholders of the ecosystem. We are hopeful for the future of Turkey. "he said.


Stating that they founded the company four and a half years ago, Salur said, “Bring it, a first in the world. We do this as a technology based company. We process data, we use artificial intelligence. We are like a retail company in the image, but we do this work by producing the latest technologies and developing them continuously. ”


Salur explained that the investment coming from Silicon Valley is proof of how well they use technology and said, “We can see it as a kind of approval. Because Silicon Valley has a culture that invests only in businesses that use technology well and can grow very quickly in the future. So this is not any money. It can be good to get money from any investor. But the source from which the money comes is important. This is smart money. The person who invested in us, Google, Linkedln, Yahoo is someone who invested when it was founded. "A person who has invested in that company has invested in Getir while Google is at a thousandth of its present value."


Turkey pointing to the importance of this investment Salur, "We are proud to be the children of this country. We have no complex. There is no such thing as foreigners do, we do it later. We can do some things first. Bring it in. Now he will carry it to the world. ”


Salur explained that Getir makes the fastest delivery in the trade, “Trade is something that the customers who have accumulated in the place called the shop for thousands of years have gone. With the development of the Internet, a part of the trade started to come up. A week, two days are coming on the same day now. We reduced it to 10 minutes. It takes 10 minutes to get to and from the neighborhood shop. It means that products arrive at your door in a much faster time than you can handle. This is a revolution, if you look at it from that angle. ”


Noting that they did this job for a small cost, Salur continued as follows: We act where everyone is, with a small price difference, in old terms. Metropolitan people work very hard. He spends a lot of time on the road. He has little time for himself. He does not want to spend an hour shopping in the evening when he is tired. In our application you place your order in 1-2 minutes. After 10 minutes, the bell rings. He sees his need. This is a great convenience. This has a universal value. Not only is Ankara valued in Istanbul. When we take it to other countries, it is a business model that will be respected by other people.


Getir was born in 2015 with the idea of ​​delivering basic supplies to consumers in an average of 10 minutes through a location-based application. Bringing approximately 200 products to the users on a 7/24 basis, Getir; It provides services in Istanbul, Ankara, Izmir, Bursa and Kocaeli. The company, which employs 4 thousand people, delivered 1 and a half million orders to the address last month. The company's target is world cities such as London, Sao Paulo, Paris and Mexico City.


Turkey's attempt to bring this technological achievement, was heard from the US Silicon Valley technology center rises. Michael Moritz, one of Silicon Valley's major venture capital investors, decided to transfer funds to Getir. Moritz, together with a group of investors, invested a total of $ 38 million in Getir. In the first stage, Getir attracted $ 25 million from Moritz, and later received an additional $ 13 million from Brazilian and Turkish investors. This transaction of Moritz and some venture investors was also reported by the British Economy Journal Financial Times.

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