First of Siemens produce the YHT Set What Happens When in Turkey?

siemen ürettigi first set of yht kasimda will hit the road right turkiyeye
siemen ürettigi first set of yht kasimda will hit the road right turkiyeye

The first set of Siemens' Produced by YHT What Happens in Turkey Time ?; General Manager of TCDD Transportation Inc. Kamuran Yazıcı stated that the first high speed train sets they will deliver will serve part by part after February 2020. 44 million 76 thousand, 2020 10 million, we aim to increase. ”

The printer 13 November delivery ceremony held on 2019 the first of Siemens ordered 12 YHT set after the ready for shipment will be heading to Turkey in 22 November, the Austrian train sets, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria out will take about 1 week's journey then expected to reach Ankara, he said.

Kamuran Yazici, Ankara-Eskisehir high-speed railway line started operating with 2009'da started YHT operation, 2011'de Ankara-Konya, 2013'de Eskisehir-Konya and 2014'de Eskisehir-Istanbul lines continued with Konya-Istanbul said.

More than 52 million passengers have been hosted in YHTs and 98 percent of the satisfaction of passengers found that the printer, “Still a thousand thousand 213 kilometers of YHT network, 22 to 25 thousand thousand passengers per day with high-speed train operating set, 19 Y realized. ”

Yazıcı pointed out that the need for YHT sets will increase gradually with the commissioning of the high-speed railway lines under construction, especially in Ankara-Sivas and Ankara-İzmir, during the year. “It will be possible to increase the number of flights provided by Siemens. ”.

Expressing that the high speed train set received will be put into service after the test drives, from February 2020, “Thus, the number of daily YHT flights from 44 to 76, and the number of passengers carried at 2020, 10 million 200 thousand, 2021 million ' de 14 million, ”he said.

Ağ We will not frustrate your trust ”

Albrecht Neumann, the world president of Siemens Rail Systems, stated that the YHT operation should be carried out in accordance with certain rules.

Neumann, YHT'lerin connecting cities together to help countries in the economic development of the record, "TCDD Transportation Inc. delivered by high-speed trains, will provide the highest level of comfort to passengers." He said.

Neumann stressed the importance of the production of 12 YHT set for TCDD Taşımacılık A.Ş.

yht of 300 kilometers per hour can Neumann stated that, after completion of the test vehicles will be removed from the road to go to Turkey, he said.

Turkey has given them YHT sets that expressed the confidence index of the order Neumann, "We promise we will not disappoint your trust. We always want to be your partner in this production process. We will be with you whenever you need. U

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