International Rail Industry Show Fair Will Be Held for the First Time in Eskişehir

international rail industry show fair will be held in Eskisehir for the first time
international rail industry show fair will be held in Eskisehir for the first time

Rail Industry Show, Rail Industry Infrastructure and Technologies Fair, which will be organized by Modern Fairs with the support of Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure, will be held on 14-16 April 2020 dates in Eskişehir, which is the heart of our country's railway lines as well as the railway industry.

The aim is to bring together the public and private sector representatives of the international railway sector. 14-16 With the support of the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure, the fair is organized in April 2020 with the organization of Modern Fuarcılık, a company established with 100 percent domestic and national capital. TCDD Transportation Co., Ankara Chamber of Industry, Eskişehir Chamber of Commerce, DTD Railway Transport Association, Rail Systems Association and Eskişehir Chamber of Industry are among the other institutions that support the event. The fair, which is planned to be held with the participation of 15 domestic and foreign companies from 100 countries and more than one thousand visitors from 3, will also provide the basis for establishing new business contacts, developing existing business relations and making new agreements. Railway operating in the transport infrastructure in Turkey and the world, superstructure, technology, security, electrification, signaling and IT firms, as well as light rail systems Rail Industry Show, will bring together manufacturers. SMEs making high quality production will also have the opportunity to introduce themselves to this fair and open up to the world.

The day before the fair, a conference will be held to discuss railway infrastructure and superstructure projects, financing models, financial resources and project financing models. In the conference, railway infrastructure and superstructure projects, financing models, financial resources, project financing models will be discussed. The conference will include bank and fund managers, local and foreign government representatives, local governments, project consulting, insurance and legal companies. According to the request, one-to-one meetings for co-operation will also be organized. Following the conference, a separate seminar will be held simultaneously with the fair, where specific topics of the sector will be discussed.

The Only Intersection Point of the Railway Sector Eskişehir

This is the first time that such an event for the railway sector is organized in Eskişehir, which is an important base for railways and is only a few hours away from Ankara and other major metropolises.

Metin Güler, President of Eskişehir Chamber of Commerce, stated that Railway Fair is of great importance for Eskişehir Fair Congress Center and Eskişehir: “Eskişehir has a geographical advantage and a long tradition of trade and industry. For this reason, it is one of the cities that produce value for our country. ETO TÜYAP Fair Center and Vehbi Koç Congress Center, which is also in the Eskişehir Fair Convention Center, which we have recently completed, started to serve to increase the competitive power of our city. Of course, each of the fairs is very important for economic development. ETO TUYAP Fair Center operators, the industry leader in Turkey TUYAP Fair, began to organize fairs in the quality of life for many different sectors.

One of the most important reasons why our chamber decided to invest in Eskişehir Fair Congress Center is undoubtedly the railway industry. The Ministry of Development, which examined the feasibility report we prepared for the center, provided us with the greatest support for an Anatolian city. The strategic focus of the feasibility report was the clusters owned by Eskişehir. Contributing to the lobbying power of railway, aviation and ceramic clusters has been identified as one of the most important targets of the fair industry to be formed in Eskişehir. Our Chamber has carried out a meticulous effort to organize a special fair for the railway sector and as a result, Modern Fuarcılık A.Ş. chosen. As TÜLOMSAŞ, a factory and its side industries that have pioneered the modern industry of our country, while the only intersection point of the railways in our country is in Eskişehir, it is a natural result that the railway fair is held in Eskişehir. In this sense, our chamber will continue to support this strategic area and invest in the development of the railway industry, which will contribute greatly to the economic development of our city and our country. ”

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