Completion of the Melet Bridge in Ordu

completed the melet bridge in the army
completed the melet bridge in the army

Completion of the Melet Bridge in Ordu; With the initiatives of the Ordu Metropolitan Municipality, the works on the new bridge built on the Melet River in Altınordu district of Ordu, which is the backbone of the traffic in the Eastern Black Sea Region, was completed.

Counting the days to the opening of the service alternative bridge Corum Samsun Merzifon Ankara connecting to Turkey's main transport network with routes as provide access to domestic Turkey Caucasus countries, the Turkish Republic, Central Asia, Russia, the Republic of numerous provincial and district services will give.


The new alternative bridge will significantly reduce the traffic load of the surrounding provinces and districts of Ordu Metropolitan Mayor Dr.. Mehmet Hilmi Güler said, ıyla The works were completed with the asphalting of the new alternative bridge. 1166. 1366. and 1356. side road connections on the streets asphalted by the appropriate weather conditions and work in other places with the progress of the alternative new bridge will be opened to traffic. Side and main road connections as well as intersection work will be completed in a short time. 236 meters long, 13 meters wide construction of the bridge completed not only for our province, but also the surrounding provinces and districts will reduce traffic load to a large extent.

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