Seoul Metro Map Timetables and Stations

korea metro map
korea metro map

Seoul is the capital of South Korea and also the most popular city in the country. A significant portion of the population resides either in Seoul or in a settlement quite close to Seoul. This is a factor that increases the pedestrian and vehicle traffic of the city. Despite its population of approximately 25 million, we will try to give information about these city subways, whose transportation problem is solved by subways.

Metro officially launched on August 15 1974. Length of line 331,5 km'Dr. However, when all lines within the city limits are considered, the total length of railway lines 1,097 kmup to.

Map of Seoul Metro

There are total 21 metro transportation systems within the borders of Seoul. The map of this system consists of tram, light rail, subway and suburbs:

seoul metro map
seoul metro map

South Korea's highly developed subway system serves approximately 3 billion passengers annually. Seoul Metro is one of the busiest 10 metro in the world and is shown as an example of subway systems.

Official Metro Web Site: (Korean, English, Japanese, Chinese)

Seoul Subway Lines

  • Line 1 Soyosan 114 200,6 km 7,8 km
  • Line 2 City Hall – Seongsu – Sindorim 51 60,2 km
  • Line 3 Daehwa 44 57,4 km 38,2 km
  • Line 4 Dangogae 51 71,5 km 31,7 km
  • Line 5 Banghwa 51 52,3 km
  • Line 6 Eungam 38 35,1 km
  • Line 7 Jangam 51 57,1 km
  • Line 8 Amsa 17 17,7 km
  • Line 9 Gaehwa 42 26,9 km
  • AREX Seoul Train Station 13 58,0 km
  • Gyeongui–Jungang Munsan 52 124,5 km
  • Gyeongchun Sangbong 22 80,7 km
  • Budeng Wangsimni 36 52,9 km
  • Suin Oido 10 13,1 km
  • Shinbundang Gangnam 6 17,3 km
  • Incheon Line 1 Gyeyang 29 29,4 km
  • EverLine Giheung 15 18,1 km
  • U line Balgok 15 11,1 km

Incheon Airport and City Center Subway

It is 47 km away from the city and it is very easy to reach the city. You can buy a single ticket to take the metro or the bus, but this is both time-consuming and more costly. To get the card, which will be very useful in city transportation, you go down to Incheon and finish all your control procedures, go down one floor from the exit floor and enter the market you see first. T-money All you have to do is ask for the card.

Seoul Subway Ticket Prices

  • overall 10km: 1,250KRW
    10 - 50 km: 5 KRW is added for every 100 km
    + 50 km: 8 KRW is added for each 100 km
  • gençler
  • çocuklar
  • 65+
  • banliyö
    [Inside Seoul] 55,000 KRW (1,250KRW × 44th)
  • group ticket
    Except for Airport Railroad, Sinbundang Line, Everline and U Line lines

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