Gökçek's 60 Buffet appeared at Giderayak Metro and Ankaray Stations

gokcekin goes to the metro and ankaray station bufe appeared
gokcekin goes to the metro and ankaray station bufe appeared

Gokcek revealed that it has given 60 Buffet to Giderayak Metro and Ankaray Stations; Former Ankara Metropolitan Mayor Melih Gokcek, 3 months before he resigned from the presidency, Metro and Ankaray stations 60 buffet appeared to be ordered.

It has been documented that Gökçek has rented each of the 60 kiosks, which have not been established yet, to monthly 875 TL only to the son of former Welfare Party deputy Hüsamettin Korkutata, as well as Beyaz TV employee Serkan Korkutata and his brother Fuat Korkutata and other brother Sinem Şenbaş.

CumhuriyetAccording to the news from Sena Yaşar, Ankara Mayor Mansur Yavaş, the city council meeting brought up, "Melih Gökçek'in Korkutata family rented Metro and Ankaray stations 60 pieces of soft drinks and food buffet" reached the Republic. According to the documents, the municipality's lease agreement with ANFA company, shortly before Gokcek resigned, 11 July 2017 date was revealed to be signed. In the lease agreement signed with ANFA for the year 10; the annual rental value of each kiosk was 6 thousand 417 TL + 18 thousand VAT and 7 thousand 572 TL in total. As a result of the investigations carried out by the inspectors following the 31 March local elections; After the transfer of the planned buffets to ANFA, it was documented that the children of former Welfare Party deputy Hüsamettin Korkutata were hired to the companies.


According to the investigators, when Gokcek's resignation began to be discussed, Korkutata's sons Serkan and Fuat Korkutata and his daughter Sinem Senbas, who worked on Beyaz TV, shared Ginger Construction, SD Ready Meal, Poyraz Reconstruction, Ayaz Contracting, Yeni Kartal The agreement for renting of 8 separate kiosk in 60 item to Başkent Entertainment, Koru Group and Sönmez Construction Limited companies; low price increases.


ANFA rented one of the kiosks rented from the municipality at a monthly cost of 631 TL to the companies of the Korkutata family for a monthly 875 TL. According to this, the buffets planned to be established at Metro and Ankaray stations, which are the highest in Ankara, were transferred to Korkutata family for a long time with low amounts.


Slow, in his speech in the city council, the SOS Foundation 13, Korkutata family 110, Ankaraspor'a 9, Keciörengücü'ne 28 said that parking. Gökçek accused him of yalan lying aş by sharing a video on his social media account. Gökçek said, X 3 of SOS Foundation, 1 of Korkutata family, 2 of Keçiörengücü, 2 of Ankaraspor otopark. Then Yavaş said, “Now I am going to apologize. It's not a lie, but it's wrong. Let me fix it. Ler He explained that the foundations and groups were not just parking. Otopark As much as he says, there is no parking in SOS Foundation, but there is something else. The 13 part property of the municipality was given to the SOS Foundation. Buffet in the vicinity of Hacı Bayram Veli Tomb, 4 two - storey Ankara house in Çamlıdere, 1 parking lot (Blue Lake Car Park 3 vehicle capacity). Year car park, (1628 vehicle capacity) Yenişehir Multi Storey Car Park, (50 vehicle capacity) 593 units Kocatepe Multi-storey car park commercial unit, 944 units in the Dikmen Valley SOS Foundation commercial unit was given.

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