Pedestrian Overpasses taken into Maintenance in Manisa

pedestrian crossings were taken care of
pedestrian crossings were taken care of

Manisa Metropolitan Municipality, the main artery in the city center took overpasses maintenance. Painted pedestrian overpasses and repaired the floor of the Metropolitan Municipality, overpasses gave a more aesthetic appearance.

Manisa Metropolitan Municipality renewed the overpasses in the main artery in the city center. First, the Metropolitan Municipality, which repaired the worn floors of the pedestrian overpasses over time and eliminated their deficiencies, then carried out painting work. Ali Öztozlu, Deputy Secretary General of Manisa Metropolitan Municipality, gave information about the work carried out, “Our teams carried out a meticulous maintenance work on the pedestrian overpasses located on Mimar Sinan Boulevard, where the traffic is the most intense in Manisa. Within the scope of the works, the lightings in the pedestrian overpasses were overhauled. Floor boards repaired. The outer skins have been changed. Finally, painting work was done on the pedestrian overpasses. After the works, pedestrian overpasses are now both safer and more modern. kazanwas,” he said.

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