Free Shuttle to Bursa City Hospital

free service to bursa city hospital
free service to bursa city hospital

Bursa Metropolitan Municipality, Muradiye State Hospital in order to avoid the victims of the transition process between citizens and Bursa City Hospital launched a free service application.

Bursa, which has a total 745 bed capacity in 365 different hospitals including general, obstetrics, childbirth, cardiovascular, oncology, physical therapy and rehabilitation (FTR), high security forensic psychiatry (YGAP) and built on an area of ​​6 thousand 355 square meters in Doğanköy district of Nilüfer District. Patient acceptance started at City Hospital. With the commencement of patient acceptance at the City Hospital, the activity stopped at the Muradiye State Hospital. The citizens who come to Muradiye State Hospital for their appointments who are not aware of the moving process or have previously received appointments have started a free shuttle service from the Muradiye State Hospital to the City Hospital by Bursa Metropolitan Municipality. 08.00 in the morning, every half hour between 17.00 and evening, the shuttle services will deliver the citizens free of charge to the City Hospital until Friday. The application will end on the evening on Friday. Citizens will be able to reach the City Hospital easily with the newly commissioned H1, H2 and H3 lines.

Lines for City Hospital

H / 1 Line Route: Barbaros Avenue - Panayır Avenue - İnönü Avenue - Cumhuriyet Avenue - Osmangazi Avenue - Mustafa Karaer Avenue - Terminal - Bursa Ring Road - Labor Station - Korupark Junction - Bursa Ring Road - Bursa City Hospital - Bursa Ring Road - Izmir Yolu Caddesi - University Station (Return: Same route)

Fee: Full 3,35 TL - Discount 2,70 TL - Student 2,20 TL

H / 2 Line Route: Departure: Organized Industrial Station - Emek Station - Bursa Cevre Yolu Caddesi - Bursa City Hospital

Return: Bursa City Hospital - Bursa Ring Road - Emek Station - Esentepe Junction - Organized Industrial Station

Fee: Full 2,40 TL, Discount 1,90 TL, Student 1,60 TL

H / 3 Line Route: Departure: Küçük Sanayi Station - İzmir Yolu Street - Çalı Junction - Uğur Mumcu Boulevard - Özlüce Boulevard - Çiçek Street - Erdinç Street - Ceviz Street - Göçmen Street - Çiftlik Street - Gümüş Cadde - Bursa City Hospital

Return: Bursa City Hospital - Gümüş Street - Çiftlik Street - Göçmen Street - Ceviz Street - Erdinç Street - Çiçek Street - Özlüce Boulevard - Uğur Mumcu Boulevard - İzmir Yolu Caddesi - Küçük Sanayi Station

Fee: Full 2,40 TL, Discount 1,90 TL, Student 1,60 TL

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