First Export Between Turkey And Georgia Train Departed

The first train between exports turkey and Georgia appeared on the road
The first train between exports turkey and Georgia appeared on the road

The first export trains will be operated between Turkey and Georgia, TCDD General Director Ali Ihsan appropriate and Georgian Railways General Manager David Peradze participation with 23 July 2019 Tuesday, was sent off in Erzurum with Palandöken Logistic Merkezi'ndegerçekleştiril ceremony.

UYGUN: “Export Train is the First Fruit of Cooperation in Two Countries”

Speaking at the ceremony, TCDD General Director Ali İhsan Uygun stated that he commemorated the martyrs with mercy and gratitude on the 100th anniversary of the Erzurum Congress, adding that it is becoming more and more important in recent years. kazanHe said that large investments were made in the railway sector on a global scale.

As a country located in the middle corridor of the rail transportation network extending from the Far East to the west of Europe, Uygun emphasized the importance of railways and noted that the total 16 billion Turkish Liras has been invested in railways in the last 131 year.

With these investments; Uygun stated that a number of important projects, from high-speed and high-speed train projects to the renewal of existing lines to electrical and signaling, have been implemented. " said.

The most important of the steps taken in this direction, Turkey, Georgia and Azerbaijan, three-friendly and brotherly country of the Baku-Tbilisi-Kars Railway Project, underlining that having spent a life CEO appropriate, opened on line service in 2017 so far in Turkey, Azerbaijan and freight transport has been made in Kazakhstan pointed.

Applying that they carry out studies to increase the transportation on the railway which unites civilizations, cultures and peoples, Uygun Uygun said: “In this context, after the mutual visits and negotiations with Georgian Railway Administration which is our historical and cultural ties, we signed a cooperation agreement on June 17. .

The export train, which we will soon see, will be a concrete result and the first fruit of this agreement. ”

"Turkey - Georgia will be among the first Export Train Operation Being PREVIEW Brings"
Suitable glass soda ash used in industrial and iron / steel train will carry iron ore used in the industry, stressing that it bears the distinction of being the first export trains will be operated between Turkey and Georgia, "also said the train bogies are changed in our country while Ahilkelek Station, Georgia. Thus, the discrepancy arising from the rail gap in the railway lines of the two countries has been eliminated and labor and time loss arising from the handling of the cargoes have been prevented. ”

TCDD General Manager Ali İhsan Uygun, Minister of Transport and Infrastructure M.Cahit Turhan, Georgian Railways General Manager David Peradze and thanked those who contributed to the train farewell to Tbilisi wished good luck.

"Today Historic day for Georgia and Turkey"
Georgian Railways General Manager David Peradz in his speech, which was put into expressing flights between Turkey and Georgia will export up of the first train from Erzurum "Today is historical day for Georgia and Turkey. I thank those who contributed to the project. In the ongoing process, developments regarding the railway will be followed. ” said.

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