Direct Connection from China to London

Direct connection from China to London
Direct connection from China to London

Minister Turhan, DP World Yarımca Harbor Railway Connection at the opening speech at the ceremony, borders, surrounded by more than the sea from the 70 percent three continents passageway located in Turkey, the Strait of Gibraltar and the Atlantic Ocean, the Suez Arabian Peninsula and Indian Ocean and the Channel The Turkish straits are located in the middle of a transport network extending to the Eurasian and the Far East through the Black Sea-Mediterranean connection, he told.

Turhan said that Turkey's position in the logistics point in the natural bases, brought so that they launch a full mobilization of transport.

Turhan emphasized that transportation is the main wheel of both social welfare and economic structures in the modern world and said:

Günümüz In today's world where everything is intertwined, if you cannot ensure the integration of all modes of transport in high quality and safety, you will not be doing much functional work. We build roads, highways, bridges, tunnels, airports, harbors, railways and transportation infrastructure on a world scale. I want to bring all of these together, to ensure their integration, and to know that we care as much as the business itself. If this is done, the value generated will increase exponentially, and the commercial cycle in transport infrastructure will be maximized. ”

Turhan explained that all of these would not be realized only by the public sector and thus paved the way for liberalization policies.

“In other words, we wanted our private sector to put its hand under the stone and add power to our power. This is exactly what we are witnessing here today. DP World has succeeded in connecting the giant Yarımca Port to the main railway line with the 1 kilometer railway it has built with its own means. This service is also a first in our country in terms of our private sector. This modern ports, so that has gained the opportunity to provide services to every corner of Turkey's railway. This includes the Baku-Tbilisi-Kars Railway line, which we attach great importance to as a government. If we look at the issue from a wider perspective, the Port of Yarımca has provided a direct connection from China to London through this line. ”

“We have handled railways with a new understanding”

Minister Turhan stated that industrial developed countries have modern transportation infrastructure and that railways constitute the most efficient way of transportation from the coasts to the inner parts.

Minister Turhan, the implementation of the liberalization of the sector, the implementation of high-speed train and high-speed train network, the completion of the renewal process of the existing lines, making the lines of electrical and signaling of the entire center, the expansion of logistics centers, the development of domestic and national railway industry, he said.

Stating that they have invested 133 billion pounds in railways in this context, Turhan said, “Thus, after 1950, the average 18 kilometer railway is built annually, and since 2003, we have achieved the success of 135 kilometer railway annually. In this way, in 2023, we aim to increase the share of TCDD Taşımacılık AŞ and private railway train operators in total terrestrial transport from 5 to 10 percent. ”

Yüzde We will make 77 percent of all our lines signaled ”

Minister Turhan stated that they have completed the remaining connections with Baku-Tbilisi-Kars Railway Line and Marmaray, which are the two most important components of the railway line that will connect China to Europe, and thus make the country's strategic position much stronger.

Expressing that they have built high speed train lines at 200 kilometers / hour, where high-speed train lines and freight and passenger transport can be carried out together, Turhan stated that Bursa-Bilecik, Sivas-Erzincan, Konya-Karaman-Ulukışla-Yenice-Mersin-Adana, Adana- Osmaniye-Gaziantep, including a total of 1786 kilometers of high-speed train lines and 429 kilometers of conventional railway construction work is continuing.

Turhan pointed out that they have accelerated the works of making the electrical and signaling of the important axes where the freight and train traffic is dense, in addition to the railway construction:

“In 2003, we increased our signaled line length from 2 thousand 505 kilometers to 132 thousand 5 kilometers by increasing 809 percent. Until 2023, we aim to signal all of our important axes and 77 of all our lines. Again, we increased our electric line length, which is 2 thousand 82 kilometers, to 166 thousand 5 kilometers by increasing 530 percent. We aim to electrify all of our major axles and 2023 percent of all of our lines by 77. ”

"We have completed the Turkey Logistics Master Plan, we have set our road map"

Transportation corridors make the logistics base of Turkey, which is in the center and industrialists Turhan pointed out that they gave weight to the logistics center construction to improve by moving the competitiveness of the railway load, Turkey had completed the Logistics Master Plan and the road was reported that determines the map.

Turhan stated that they planned 21 logistics center which will serve as a connection point for combined transportation, that they have actually put 9 into operation, that they have completed the construction of both, and that 10 has continued planning and construction works.

Minister Turhan, with a total of 11 logistics centers that have been put into service and completed, has an area of ​​4,8 million square meters and a carrying capacity of 13,2 million tons. kazanExplaining that they are working, he said, “When 21 logistics centers come into service, 35 million square meters of open space, stock area, container stock and handling area with the opportunity to transport 13 million tons to the Turkish logistics sector. kazanwe will have risen. Thus, our country will have realized its claim to be the logistics base of the region to a large extent.” used the phrases.

“We will provide more connections to 7 port”

Pointing out that the construction of connecting lines is also important in order to provide railway connection to the centers with load potential, Turhan continued as follows:

“We are continuing our efforts on this subject rapidly. Currently we have 433 connection lines with a total length of 281 kilometers. In the upcoming period, we planned to build a total 38 kilometer length line for 36 OIZ, private industrial zone, port and free zone and 294 production facility. We also make rail connections to ports in order to transport cargoes more quickly and economically. Currently, there are total 10 kilometers of railway connections, including the 4 port and the 85 pier. We will provide more connections to 7 port, including important ports such as Filyos and Çandarlı. I believe that in this case, the amount of cargo handled at our ports will increase from 460 million tons to billion tons. This figure was only 2003 million tons in 149. The aim is to pave the way for the industrialist, to ease the burden and to provide easy access to the market. ”

Turhan said that they stepped in with their own resources and that it was of great importance in terms of being an example for the line they opened today.

Turhan emphasized that Yarımca Port has added value to its value with this service and that the meeting of the port with the railroad also reveals a wide and great vision.

After the opening speeches, Turhan made observations at DP World Simulation Center.

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