General Director of TCDD Burns Green Light to Rail Systems Engineers

tcdd general rail train systems engineered green light
tcdd general rail train systems engineered green light

📩 28/11/2021 10:39

TCDD General Manager Mr. Ali İhsan UYGUN's answer to the question of whether to assign Rail Systems Engineering at EURASİA RAİL Fair excited the students of Rail Systems Engineering.

At the EURASIA RAIL Fair, Prof. Dr. In the "Today, Future and Economic Prospects of Our Railways" panel moderated by Mustafa ILICALI, Mustafa KAYA, a Rail Systems Engineering student, answered Ali İhsan UYGUN's questions about your thoughts on the Rail Systems Engineering department and will you be recruiting into TCDD as follows;

Uz We are thinking about good things for friends who have graduated from Rail Systems Engineering. You receive training on almost all branches of rail systems. We need that. We're looking at all possibilities. We will consider it in the coming days. Your business area includes metros, railways and railways. Do not despair on this issue. Bu

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