BTSO - Metropolitan Municipality Hand in Hand

BCCI - Municipality Hand in Hand: Bursa Chamber of Commerce and Industry (BCCI) and the Metropolitan Municipality, Turkey's hand in hand towards achieving its 2023 targets. Metropolitan Mayor Altepe stated that the projects implemented under the leadership of BTSO add value to Bursa, while Burkay, Chairman of the BTSO Board of Directors, said that the new Organized Industrial Zone to be established in Bursa under the leadership of Recep Altepe will shape the next 40 years of the city.

BTSO Chairman Burkay and Mayor of Metropolitan Municipality Altepe, Bloomberg HT Exit Road program was the guest of the live broadcast. Altepe, Turkey's target 2023 Istanbul, Bursa, Izmir, Antalya, would reach the city produces like Ankara and Izmir. Strong cities are powerful interests that Turkey appeared expressing Altepe, he told Bursa BCCI's revealed that the project adds value. Mayor Altepe, “Gold knows the value of gold. Local administrators know the value of Bursa. At this point cities should be left to their own and everyone should support. We will make Bursa the center of value-added production with a greater share of world trade. Bursa

Indicating that they attach great importance to the development of all sectors in Bursa, President Altepe said, sektör This is the main pen industry. Whatever you do, if you can't, you can't reach the target. Using agriculture, tourism and industry in an environmentally sensitive manner is our most important goal. Now we have to increase the share of value-added production. 2 we send 50 tractor agricultural product to the kilogram of piece. Now, airplane parts, rail system tools, guns, mobile phones, let's produce our computer. Artık

Altepe, expressing the infrastructure of production in Bursa, said:
“Many industrial facilities stayed in the center of the city. The factories in the plain must be displaced. These factories must be located in the city whose population exceeds 2,5 million. In Bursa, where civilization is exported to the world, air quality should be good. Our streams must be clean. No one has the right to harm the environment and cause deadly diseases. Hiç

BTSO Chairman Burkay said that the local dynamics work harmoniously for the future of the city after many years. President Burkay, Bursa A great chance for our President Recep Altepe Bursa. Now Bursa is singing the same song in the same harmony. Bursa is the city of firsts. In the 1963 first OIZ established in Bursa, Turkey gives direction to the economy. 14. After a century from the experience 40 years ago who founded OIZs Bursa, Turkey has managed to become the capital of the industry. The new OSB will guarantee the next 40-50 year. We are taking the steps that will shape the 40 year of Bursa together with the common goal. Usunda

Bursa automotive, machinery and textile industries, as well as rail systems in the aerospace and defense sector that expressed in breakthrough Burkay, the Bursa 3,98 dollars per kilogram per export prices pointed to capture Turkey's 2023 targets in this area. Burkay noted:

Var There is a change and transformation in Bursa. When we take the people to the center, Bursa can also be done in industrialization and agriculture. Bursa has the potential to provide its local capabilities, the population approaching 3 million, the change in R & D and innovation along with aesthetics and design. If Turkey's Bursa magic spell, we say. Turkey produces the wealth of Bursa and surrounding cities. Bursa, we need to remove the export level of $ 8 that, you bring Turkey xnumx't per kilogram to $ 2023 exports. To do this, we need to keep space, aviation and defense rail systems on our agenda. We can achieve this with all these competitive and value-added products. Bütün

President Burkay also made evaluations about the Automotive Test Center. Stating that there are minor roughnesses in the Automotive Test Center, Burkay said, “Bursa will have an Automotive Test Center. There will also be an automotive technology development center in this region. With the establishment of the test center, a figure of 35 million dollars we pay each year for the test fee also contributes to our economy. kazanwill be raised. This center, which is accredited by Europe, will receive serious demands not only from Turkey but also from neighboring countries. This center is in Bursa. kazanwe will have risen. At this point, it is very important to preserve the will. There is this potential in our city,” he said.

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