Izmir Thessaloniki Ship Line Will Unite The Two Most Beautiful Cities In The World

izmir selanik ship line will combine the two best cities in the world
izmir selanik ship line will combine the two best cities in the world

A very important step was taken regarding the cruise planned to be made between Izmir and Thessaloniki. Izmir Metropolitan Mayor Tunç Soyer, Thessaloniki delegation came to Turkey for the start time of the Historic Gas Plant and met with industry representatives. Stating that the two most beautiful cities of the world will unite with the Izmir-Thessaloniki ship line, Mayor Soyer said, "Our Metropolitan Municipality will give all its support to the promotion, marketing and strengthening of this line". During the two-hour summit, it was decided to cooperate with all sectors for the implementation of the project.

After years of efforts to start ship flights between Thessaloniki and Izmir, the target is reached. All details of the project were discussed in the summit held at the Historic Gas Factory, hosted by the Mayor of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Tunç Soyer. In the meeting attended by the Mayor of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Tunç Soyer, Neptün Soyer, Argyro Papoulia, the Consul General of Greece, Argyro Papoulia, the Chairman of TURSAB Aegean Region Representation Board Osman Tolga Gencer, the Chairman of the Chamber of Shipping of the Aegean Sea Transporters Association Ayhan Turhan, the President of the Association of Road and Freight Transporters and Agency Owners, Michalis Triandafillis, the consultants of the project, and journalist Süleyman Gençel, Levante Ferries Maritime Company officials and the delegation coming from Thessaloniki who took part in the voyage took place.

Dream becomes reality

In his opening speech, the Mayor of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Tunç Soyer stated that they are together for the beginning of a very important project and said, dik We came together to mature this project and talk about the next stages. Thank you for your participation and support. This is an introductory meeting. We are all happy to see that the dream of many years has come true. There are technical details to discuss, issues to be learned, questions to ask, but I think we will do them in the process. This line will not only employ trade, tourism, employment, but much more. In 2015, the company has won the title of the most beautiful ferry in the world and wants to run this line. I would like to thank them for joining the two most beautiful cities in the world on the most beautiful ship in the world. I know that the institutions and the people of both cities will claim this line. As the Mayor of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, I would like to say that; our municipality will do whatever it can to promote, market and strengthen this line with all its facilities. Hopefully, we will realize the journey together on board as soon as possible. ”

Thanks to President Soyer

Argyro Papoulia, the Consul of Greece in Izmir, stated that the project is important for the development of trade and tourism between the two countries and said that the cooperation agreement was signed between the prime ministers of both countries in 2016. Emphasizing that they cooperated with İzmir Mayor Tunç Soyer on the Samos line during Seferihisar Mayor and this cooperation continued with different projects, Papoulia said, uz We thank our President for his support to the ship line of İzmir-Thessaloniki. I hope we will be the passengers of this line as soon as possible. ”

3 day two ships per week

Yorgos Theodosis, owner of Levante Ferries Shipping, who wants to start flights between the two countries, stated that they were ready to serve with two ships three days a week on the Izmir-Thessaloniki ship line and said, destek I was very impressed by the support of our President Tunç Soyer for the commissioning of this line. Since 2001, we are taking important steps for the realization of the project. Our ship will depart from Alsancak Port in the afternoon and will be in Thessaloniki in the morning. In the evening, leaving Salonika in the morning will reach Izmir. There are no tour agencies in the world that we don't cooperate with. With the commencement of the voyages, the people of the two countries will get to know each other closely, tourism will develop and business volume will increase ”.

Support decision received

The Maritime Chamber of Commerce President Yusuf Ozturk of Turkey in Europe with early access to Europe's largest truck fleet has stressed the importance of the line. Recalling that the Port of Thessaloniki is a crossing point for both Southern Europe, the Balkans and Italy, Öztürk said that they would provide the necessary support for the operation of the line. The representatives of the mentioned area chambers at the meeting, Izmir will be instrumental -Selanik navigation of the formation cruise lines between Turkey and Greece and in drawing attention to the opportunity to show the natural wealth of a program, the two countries will take place in the eastern Mediterranean dock, it decided to cooperate for the start of the line time . Levante Ferries Shipping, which plans to make ships between Izmir and Thessaloniki, introduced trucks, cars and passenger ships. One of the ships is 160, the other is 190 meters long. One has 400 passenger, 60 truck capacity, and the other has 1350 passenger and 120 truck capacity.



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