Finike State Hospital's Stop Problem Solved

finike state hospital stall problem has been solved
finike state hospital stall problem has been solved

Antalya Metropolitan Municipality, Finike Sahilkent neighborhood came into service in the State Hospital with the hospital bed problem was solved. In front of the hospital, the citizens of the summer heat, winter rain will protect the stops were mounted.

Antalya Metropolitan Municipality, 19 district is continuing its services. Metropolitan Municipality has solved the stall in front of Finike State Hospital in a short time. In front of the State Hospital with 140 beds, which were put into service at the Finike Sahilkent neighborhood, full-time stops were installed to protect the citizens from the heat in the summer and from the rain in the winter. The people of Finike thanked the Mayor of Metropolitan Municipality, Muhittin Böcek, to take the problem and put the stops in a short time.

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