37 Thousand TL Profit from the Officer at Denizli Train Station


The person named NU, who worked as a toll station at Denizli Train Station, was arrested and sent to prison on the grounds that he embezzled 37 thousand TL, which is the revenue of the box office for three days.

According to the allegations, the person named NU, who works as a box office officer at TCDD Denizli Station, did not deliver 3 thousand TL, which is the 37-day box office, to TCDD last weekend. Upon this, the officials of the Turkish State Railways Denizli Station Directorate, who started an investigation and reported the situation to the police, could not find him when they wanted to reach NU to ask for the revenue of three days. Acting upon the notice, the teams of the Provincial Security Directorate Theft Bureau captured NU and detained the toll officer with their work.

The box office worker NU, who embezzled approximately 37 thousand TL, was arrested by the court where he was taken after the police proceedings and was sent to the prison.

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