Railway Lovers and Volunteers Relief Association-Against the Presidency

Re-elected as the Leader as the President of the Railway Lovers and Volunteers Aid Association-Fund: In the general assembly held at the İller Bank Macunköy Social Facilities, Öndeş became the chairman again, taking the votes of one thousand 30 of the members.

Pre-Res, in his speech here, thanked the members for their support, and the crate's guesthouse, health, education services will continue increasingly, he said.

General Assembly, AK Party Deputy Malatya Cemal Akın, Grand National Assembly Manager Ömer Faruk Öz, MHP Osmaniye Deputy Hasan Huseyin Turkoglu, TCDD Deputy General Manager Adem Kayış and many members of the association attended.

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  1. I wish the new president and management success