Çorum Railway Project Accelerated, Airport Get Ready Now

corum railway project should be accelerated
corum railway project should be accelerated

While Çorum Airport is no longer a değerlendir matter of time ”it is difficult to understand the hesitant reviews!

Çorum News has been saying the same thing for years and now it has been accepted at the top of the state. First, the Railway project is moving very slowly. At this pace, the Republic 110. year, so 2033 year is very good And Çorum wants its own airport. The region has the absolute need for the airport in order to become an kent industrial city, as the only city that has started the industrialization move with its own dynamics.

The decisions taken at a meeting held in the Organized Industrial Zone were served to the press yesterday. Gel 10 parameter that will carry Çorum OIZ to the future cak. acil The railway is an urgent need un, he said. Especially in order to increase the power of the city in the world market competition and transportation of products, meeting this need is very important in terms of industrialists in Çorum. Esi

The continuation of this article is as follows: “Supporting the Merzifon airport or building an airport in Çorum comes second to the city's agenda. Meeting these needs is a great advantage for Çorum, which is increasingly turning to export. kazanit will go.”

However, Ak Party Çorum deputies Ahmet Sami Ceylan and Oğuzhan Kaya and Ak Party provincial chairman Yusuf Ahlatcı'nin Minister of Transport and Infrastructure Minister M. Cahit Turhan reflects our meeting with the news of the Ulaştırma The most concrete development for the airport Parti in the news we have sent to our readers. We have to say that we have difficulty understanding the evaluations of this bu hesitant edd while Çorum's arrival at the airport is no longer a matter of time.

Çorumlu expects the railway project to be accelerated and Çorum Airport, which is easier to realize according to this large investment of several billion dollars, to be realized in a short time. We underline once again and with utmost importance that everyone should unite around these goals. (Mehmet YOLYAPAR - Corum News)

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