CHP Akın: 'What is the Borrower Municipality has a Land Train?'

What is your job with the municipality
What is your job with the municipality

Ahmet Akın, borç There is a municipality in debt. The municipality is signing the protocol with TCDD and renting this locomotive for a year with 2 thousand 557 lira plus VAT. It doesn't fit into reason! Why rent? Is the goal only to remove a ground train from the 20 annual location and display it elsewhere? I hope the municipality and the General Directorate of Turkish State Railways will make a statement. Belediye

Ina Land Train mek exhibited in Balıkesir Gar basin was rented by the Municipality for a year by the protocol signed between the General Directorate of TCDD and the Municipality of Manisa Yunus Emre. Yunus Emre Municipality will pay 2 thousand 557 TL plus VAT to TCDD as rental fee. The General Directorate of Turkish State Railways (TCDD) is located in Balıkesir. '' Black Train '' will be exhibited by Yunus Emre Municipality for one year.

CHP Balıkesir MP Ahmet Akın reminded that the yıldır Black Train Ahmet has been exhibited in the Balıkesir Gar Basin for nearly 20 years. Ti The fact that an important symbol in the history of Balıkesir is to be displaced by the decisions of the people sitting at the TCDD General Directorate does not fit into the logic, sembol said Ahmet Akın.

Üyor The borrower takes a symbol of Balıkesir to exhibit in the district through a municipal lease. First of all, this decision was taken by the General Directorate of TCDD. This locomotive can be seen as a 'good' in the inventory of TCDD. But why is the historical symbol identified with Balıkesir displaced without asking the stakeholders of this city? I am not surprised that the General Directorate of Turkish State Railways (TCDD), who has not asked any of them, has come across with justified reactions. How do we return from this error We are waiting for an explanation from the Balıkesir TCDD. Bu

Recalling that the Municipality of Yunus Emre is a debtor municipality, Mr. Akın said, de What does a municipality with a borrower aim with such a lease? It's obvious what people spend and how they spend their money. I hope Yunus Emre Municipality will make a statement to the citizens who voted for him de.

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