Gaziantep Greater 4 500 Kilometer Land Road Opened per Year

4 500 XNUMX mileage road
4 500 XNUMX mileage road

Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality facilitated access to the land of the villagers with the land roads it opened. Metropolitan, 2014-2018 9 in the township between the villages about a distance of about 500 kilometers opened new land.

Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality, which expanded its service network within the scope of the Metropolitan Law No. 6360, which changed the service boundaries of metropolitan municipalities to the provincial borders, supported the heavy burden of service with its strong team and did not allow disruptions in service. In the last 4 year, Mayor Fatma Sahin and his team took the problem of the ganglandized land road in rural areas.

Continuing its work to meet the land road demand from the villages, the Metropolitan Municipality did not leave the villagers, who had difficulties in reaching their lands, helpless. The villagers, who reach their lands with their tractors using the opened land road, contribute to the local and national economy by cultivating their lands. The Metropolitan, which opened 500 kilometers of new land roads in the villages of Nizip, İslahiye, Nurdağı, Araban, Oğuzeli, Yavuzeli and Karkamış districts, as well as the central district Şehitkamil and Şahinbey districts, appreciated the farmers. kazanwas.


Muhammed Muhammad Muharrem Ciftci, a district of the Yavuzeli district, reported that the 2018 kilometer land road was opened by the Metropolitan Municipality in the summer period of 5.

The farmer said, oldu There has been a lot of work on the road in our neighborhood. We've never been to our land before. Thank goodness with the contribution of the metropolitan municipality, our roads have been very beautiful, we have survived our troubles. I would like to thank Fatma Şahin and his team for their successful work. Başar

Residents of the neighborhood, the way of opening the land road, expressed satisfaction with the heavy winter conditions as a result of the road to be cut in the road to be cut in the key stone should be laid on roads, he added.

Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality, which continues to work in order to meet the need for land roads of villages, will continue to work on opening a new land route in the coming days.

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