IspartaRay Project Becomes Real

Ispartaray Project
Ispartaray Project

Feasibility studies were conducted and TCDD General Directorate approved the sub-branch line.

TCDD General Manager İsa Apaydın and his team came to Isparta. General Manager Apaydın, 1.etapta Isparta Gar-SDU, SDU-KYK, 2.etapta Gar-OSB-Airport-Land Aviation School of the pre-feasibility of transportation to the suburban train said that was done.

The projects of AK Party Mayor Candidate Şükrü Başdeğirmen come to life before they come to office. An important step came from TCDD for ISPARTARAY Project, which was announced by Başdeğirmen within the scope of Transportation Projects. TCDD General Manager İsa Apaydıncame to Isparta with assistant general managers and Afyon Regional Director. Isparta Train Station AK Party Mayor candidate Sukru Basdegirer and Deputy Mehmet Gokgoz met with General Manager TCDD Apaydın, ISPARTARAY for the heralds of the feasibility of the positive.

Ahs Mr. Şükrü Başdeğirmen informed me before I announced the ISPARTARAY Project and took our opinion. We started to work for this vision of the broad and visionary project of Şükrü Bey. We evaluated our Isparta Railway and railway line. We have prepared a feasibility report. In the feasibility study conducted by our expert colleagues, we have seen that suburban flights can be made between Gar-SDU, SDU-KYK and Gar-OSB-Airport-Ground Aviation School in the second stage.

We observed that our infrastructure is appropriate for this study. We're here today. We start the project work on ISPARTARAY announced to the public by Mr. President. We will prepare its infrastructure as TCDD. We will make additional rail for transportation between Gar-SDU-KYK. In the second stage, the event will be organized to the OIZ. After the completion of this infrastructure work, we will submit to the use of Isparta Municipality. Our trains going on this line will be electric. Thus, more economic transportation will be provided Böylece.

General Manager of TCDD Apaydın, also said that they support the Gül Park-Millet Garden Project, which is also among the projects of Başdeğirmen. Stating that the area within the station can be used as a common ground, Apaydın added that the existing buildings could be transferred to the Municipality for use with a protocol.

Mr. Apaydın, General Director of TCDD, was accompanied by Deputy General Manager İsmail Çağlar, Head of Maintenance Department Fahrettin Yıldırım, Department of Surveying-Project-Investment Mesut Yaman, Deputy Director of Real Estate Department Kubilay Karagül and Adem Sivri, Regional Manager of Afyon.

The Mayor Candidate of the AK Party Şükrü Başdeğirmen also thanked to General Manager of TCDD Apaydın for his interest and interest. The ISPARTARAY Project we shared with the public in Isparta will hopefully become a reality. All of our projects are realistic projects. This support of TCDD shows that the ISPARTARAY project is important and realistic.

Hopefully after the 31 March, ISPARTARAY Isparta will be in the service of our people and university students. GÜL PARK will be organized in the idle areas in our garage, will add a significant wealth to the social life of Isparta, Gar he said. (sonxnumx)

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