Ordu Introduces Greater 1797 Km Road to Asphalt

the army has combined the asphalt road 1797 km
the army has combined the asphalt road 1797 km

In order to provide service to every corner of the Army, the Metropolitan Municipality, which has found a solution to the road problem and introduced the 1797 road with asphalt in the process that has been left behind, opens new roads on the one hand and on the other hand it carries out improvement and asphalting works on the roads.


Ordu, with its frantic working tempo, was one of the sample provinces with its modern roads and seamless infrastructure. With the availability of weather conditions, the city mobilizes its teams and continues its transformation and transformation in the city.


The teams, which completed their works in high levels, concentrated their investments in the coastal regions due to the weather conditions. Some of the road works of Ordu Metropolitan Municipality in different regions of the province are as follows:

Altınordu Şirinevler District Cemalettin Aksoy Caddesi road, completing the infrastructure work, the elephant continues to work in the series. Then the 550-meter road will be reunited in the hot asphalt.

Eskipazar Mahallesi On the road to Aydınlık Caddesi before the hot asphalt rainwater line laying work continues. Teams that will start the excavation-filling works in a short time will start the hot asphalt paving works on the 450 meter road.

On the 300-meter route in the Şirinevler neighborhood, the work to open a new road continues at full speed.

In the Gülyalı District Ürümbey Quarter Chocolate Park area, besides the completion of excavation-filling works, the teams that will start the PMT training will meet the hot asphalt with the 600-meter road.

In the district of Unye in Luleer District of Unye, the rainwater line laying and excavation works continue on the road route with a total length of 900 meters. On the other hand, hot asphalt works will be carried out on the road.

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