Tour Of Antalya Starts Countdown

countdown to the tour of antalya
countdown to the tour of antalya

Antalya Metropolitan Mayor Menderes Turel, the environment of noise and air pollution of the bicycle as the most healthy means of transport is not a negative impact on the awareness of the work they are trying to spread, he said. President Türel, the second to be held this year, the Akra Grand Fondo Antalya Cycling Race young people and children said it found very important in terms of loving cycling.

Speaking at the launch of Akra Grand Fondo Antalya Cycling Race that will be held this year, Antalya Metropolitan Mayor Menderes Türel stated that this year 2 team and 21 team from 27 will make a significant contribution to the city's promotion of Tour of Antalya. President Türel reminded that he had been pedaling at last year's event, and he said he was looking forward to the race this year.

We work for the multiplication of bicycle paths
The press launch of Akra Grand Fondo Antalya, which will be held at 21 stage between 24-4 February, was held at Akra Barut Hotel. Antalya Mayor Menderes Turel, who spoke at the launch, said he was very excited both as a cyclist and as a mayor who made intense efforts to multiply the cycling paths for healthy life. He also served as the President of the Healthy Cities Association and said that cycling paths and cycling are very important in the development of healthy cities and he always supports such activities.

Seamless bike path ready in March
President Türel stated that the last steps were taken to make the cycling paths available in the city center uninterrupted in order to provide amateur and professional people who want to have a more comfortable and comfortable ride in Antalya. Spor 28 kilometer uninterrupted bicycle path between Antalya and Konyaalti Our project has been completed to a large extent. In March, drivers can begin to pedal easily. Mart President Türel also stated that they are working to spread the awareness that the bicycle is the healthiest means of transportation that does not have any negative effects on the environment such as noise and air pollution.

Will contribute to the promotion of Antalya
President Türel reminded that he was pedaling along with his wife Ebru Türel at the last stage of the event last year. Başkan I had the opportunity to get to know the Italian cyclist Ivan Basso who is one of the leading names in the world on the occasion of the competition. He was very happy for me as one of the people who loved Antalya to hear the praises from the tour of Antalya and our city. Kend President Türel, Köprülü Canyon, Kemer, Perge-Termessos and Side, such as the tour of this year's tour of the world known by all the world's historical and natural beauty once again will come to the fore. Although the competition is still in the second year of its own category by the domestic and foreign authorities have managed to receive great appreciation by pointing a great appreciation of President Türel, thanked those who contributed.

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