Scotty Saves Istanbul's 45 Million Minutes in Traffic

scotty istanbullularin spent on traffic in 45 million minutes
scotty istanbullularin spent on traffic in 45 million minutes

Aiming to make city life easier with technology, the mobile application Scotty announced 2018 travel data. Having traveled 2018 million kilometers in 25, Scotty saved the 45 million minutes of Istanbul residents in traffic. Those who travel the most throughout the year KadıköyThey became popular.

Founded in Istanbul to facilitate city life in 2017, Scotty has announced 2018 trip data. Scotty, aiming to eliminate the traffic problem in big cities, introduced 200 for the first time to motorcycles last year and made a full 25 million kilometers. Maybe Elon Musk's rockets to Mars could not be reached, but the world around the 623 times to travel, the distance between the world and the moon to the times 61 times were made in the road / mileage.

Scotty saved 45 million minutes of Istanbul residents in traffic last year. In this way, the white-collar morning alarm was able to postpone the alarm 3 times for 15 minutes, and the mothers loved their babies for 25 minutes more. The most journey throughout the year KadıköyMade the leathers. The most irradiated districts KadıköyBecame Şişli, Ataşehir, Ümraniye and Beşiktaş. In this way, traffic decreased at the key points of Istanbul throughout the year by 20 percent.

What is Scotty?
Scotty, a Turkish technology company, was founded in May to develop the city's transportation options, to produce a technological, modern and permanent solution to traffic. Scotty is a mobile application that aims to make city life easier with technology. Apart from Scotty's Journey, there are also Dining and Package services. Scotty Food offers users the opportunity to order food and coffee wherever they want, while Scotty Packets deliver products from e-commerce sites to users all over Istanbul within two hours.

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