YHT survived the injured machine mechanic spoke for the first time

yht accident wounded mechanic spoke for the first time
yht accident wounded mechanic spoke for the first time

The accident that occurred as a result of the collision between the High Speed ​​Train (YHT) and the guide train that controlled the road in Ankara, 3 of them were machinists, 9 people were killed and 86 people were injured. Kenan Günay, the only mechanic who survived the catastrophic accident severely injured, came to himself. Describing her terrible moments to her environment, Günay's shock statements were first published in TGRT Main News with Mehmet Aydın.

The injured mechanic Günay was with Kadir Ünal, one of the machinists who died in the accident. Reaching Eryaman 26 minutes before the accident, the team also informed the center by radio. That meeting was also reflected in the testimony of the detained control officer.

Control officer; At 6:10 am I was told that the guide train arrived at Eryaman. Then I called the motion control officer and gave information. I asked if the 6:30 train switched to the 1st line before the departure. '

The guides on the guide train were told that Günay and Ünal will depart the 6:30 train and move slowly towards Marşandiz. Günay, who continued to treat the horrors in the hospital afterwards, said:

'The wireless network was said to be a heavy bride. We were slowly progressing. Brother Kadir (Ünal) was resting at the back. He came near me. We were talking. When we arrived at Marşandiz station, we suddenly noticed the light.

“How many save yourself,” said Kadir brother (Ünal). I threw myself in the hallway. We collided at that moment. '

The injured mechanic explained the reason of the accident to his relatives as 'the scissors have not been changed'.

Makasçı Osman Y. stated this error in his statement as 'I do not remember whether I changed the scissors or not'.

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