The Lesson Learned From the Train Disaster in Ankara "Take Slower from Marşandiz!"

slow train of tragedy
slow train of tragedy

The train tragedy was not taken, the voyages started without a signaling system. The measure was to pass slowly from the station.

The 13 9 people were injured in a head-on collision with a guide train from Marşandiz Station on December 2, 92. Shortly after the disaster, the signaling system was not completed, but it was revealed that it was opened before the elections. Transport and Infrastructure Minister Cahit Turhan's erken signalization is a must sa words continued to respond to the words, a few days after the disaster began flights. The debris was removed from Marşandiz Station in Yenimahalle district of Ankara where the disaster occurred and repair work was carried out. Even before the signaling system was completed, the flights started again. From the line, the first high-speed train from Ankara to Istanbul was at the 06.10. The Başkentray train, which runs between Sincan and Kayaş, departed from Xinjiang Station at 06.10. The measures taken in the flights started after the tragedy were the trains passing from Marşandiz Station, where the trains were collided and repaired, at the speed of the 10 km.


Ismail Özdemir, the Ankara Branch President of the United Transport Workers Union (BTS) of KESK, emphasized that the traffic should be as much automation as possible. Başkentray'ın signaling system is completed before the time of reminding Özdemir, during the daytime train service at night 4 clock signaling work done, he said. Ozdemir stated that the night and such short periods could not be done efficiently and therefore the signaling system could not be completed. Özdemir conveyed that both the high-speed train and the tools for signaling in Başkentray were not completed, but the road was not completed. The signaling system is not finished. Ozdemir criticized the start of the train service while there was a new disaster, he said it was dangerous to start the voyages before the signalization system was completed. Özdemir noted that the departure point of the train was made manually from Ankara and coordinated the voyages by giving instructions to the officer from the control center by radio conversations. The signaling system does not allow two trains to move on the same line. However, the flights started in the same way. There is a serious life safety, pure attention needs to be taken, C he said.

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